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English is a tool for communication. I have a book called Essays on Literature by my uncle. This is a selection of books that show you how academic writing works and how to do it. Complimentary book downloads for English learners. You can download your free English book today!

Which are some good lexicons to improve your English writing?

Which are some good lexicons to improve your English writing? Well, it all comes down to the point of the letter. I' m a novice, a learner's learner's dictionary like the Oxford Advanced Learner's Journal can satisfy the beginner's needs to the full. The official manual is the best manual for this task. Recommended reading:

In fact, it is hard to suggest a scientific writing manual because each discipline has its own needs. I have a book entitled Literature from my uncles. In this little book, the playwright William Strunk clearly presented the basic principles of use and composing. Being an ESL pupil in China, I consider it a book of English language that shows me how to compose an essay or passage in the style of a local script.

About writing WellIch think the main point of this book is conciseness. It is a very different issue from what I learned from English language professors in high schools. Simplified English for five sentences and a 120-word paper in an English class.

For many English instructors, it doesn't really matter what points the pupils show, but how many long phrases they use. You think the more terms you use, the better you do it. I' m learning a lesson before going to bed and checking how many words I can still recall the next mornings. Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms I can't recall many big words with my bad memories.

The synonyms and antonyms dictionary can help me choose which to use. A thesaurus can help me to find a big term that is the same as the little term I recall. Continue writing. I still don't know how to stop writing, but I won't stop. I want you to take down every thought. Select any good phrase or words you are reading and try to make your phrase similar.

Keep writing and keep in mind that every piece was once a crappy design.

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