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Book distribution consortium. We are the world's largest book wholesaler. Distributors like Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Bookazine are the intermediaries between you - the author or publisher - and most major booksellers. As a rule, these dealers order books from wholesalers who act as custodians for your book. First-rate independent booksellers for indie publishers.

Distributor and Wholesaler - Independent Book Publishers Association

Wholesale is not necessarily a distribution company, but a distribution company could be a wholesale company. The following is a listing of distributors and distributors who can be of help to impartial publishing houses. It is not an exclusive listing and does not constitute an approval of any dealer or wholesale dealer to another. So what is the distinction between a distribution company and a wholesale company?

Distributors: Wholesalers: Small-press United' s "Reasons for Declining Publishers" Ingram Publisher Services' "Client Acquisitions Criteria" Baker & Taylor's "Marketing Plan Guidelines" Wholesalers of African America textbooks, ribbons and presents. AWB is a specialist retailer specialising in the national sale of local and non-domestic music. Among our clients are wholesalers' associations, bookstore chain stores, on-line bookshops and museums/gift-stands.

Please see "American West Brochures under New Ownership" (July 17, 2017). Reseller/editor of photo, visual, imagery and astronomical textbooks and notices. Wholeturnover Policy APG Sale and Fulfilment (APG) is a full-service warehouse, retail and wholesale supplier for marketers, producers, book and magazine publishing houses. Provides full range distrubution and sale, as well as off-set publishing, short-run direct selling, POD (Print on Demand), stock management, fulfilment, eBook converting and selling, editing and creative work.

We are a premier book, video and musical product distribution company for the library, institutional and retail markets. We are a distribution, fulfillment and warehousing company for independant publishing houses of all kinds. We are an accredited distribution company for Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our company offers a broad range of professional solutions for every need.

Wholesalers of children's and youth literature, audiovisual products for children's and youth literature. 9,050 Shaughnessy St. Dominican Wholesale. The Bulk Book Group is a book distributors of all large US publications. NDCom pany offers full services, selling to small and medium size non-fiction and videopublishers. The world' s largest and most important international specialized press and media company with worldwide commercial, technical, marketing, consumer, media, digital media and publication offerings.

One of the distributors of over 82 independant publishing houses from the USA, Canada, Europe, India and Australia. A wholesaler specialising in the sale of computer and technological textbooks from all large publishing houses. This cookbook marketplace, a nationwide retailer, has an amazing selection of over 300 cookery textbooks from all parts of the world, many of which are award-winning.

Princeton Dr. Distributor/Wholesaler of spirit self-help textbooks. He is a distributor and editor of special interest textbooks and guidelines for the West/SW and special subjects from the fields of geosciences and New Age for necklaces, independence and specialist shops. The Greenleaf Book Group offers bookselling, bookselling, bookmaking, and bookselling through third-party publishing houses to bookstores, retailers, libraries, airfields, specialist shops, and global customers.

Local distributor of cookery books for the large bookselling chain. The Hummingbird Group sells the full e-book and audio book catalogues of more than 3,400 publishing houses across the country, with the Big 5 included, to more than 300 retailers, which include bookshops, non-profit organisations and publishing houses. Independant publishing houses can have their own free e-book and audio book storefronts to buy their own and third-party work.

One of the leading full-service distributors selling independently owned publications to the bookstores. INTEGRAM CONTENT GROUPAn Ingram Blvd. Founded in 1964 as a school book depositary, Ingram Content Group has since developed into a complete provider of book preservation and content management software products and systems for the publishers world. The Ingram Content Group provides a wide range of book delivery software, print-on-demand and online content management software products and support.

Dedicated to the work of its global network of collaborators, Ingram works in close collaboration with editors, resellers, libraries as well as school communities around the globe to deliver the right product and service to help them achieve business results in the vibrant and ever more sophisticated field of media-editing. A lot of members of IBPA have asked how to create a wholesale bankroll with Ingram outside of IngramSpark and Lightningource.

Cedar Lake Rd. ITASCA BOOK DISTRIBUTION5120 Itsasca sells products to retailer and wholesaler and offers warehousing and fulfilment service. Itasca sells eBooks via its subsidiary Bookmobile on commission from independant publishing houses to e-book sellers such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and others and offers e-book fulfilment service for publishing houses that are selling eBooks via their own website.

Publishing audio book in ListenUp pubs and reaching audiences through ListenUp Indie Pub's world-wide retail and library channels. Retailing. Midpoint is headquartered in New York City and has a warehouse in Kansas City. Dissemination, sale and promotion of works by independant publishing houses to book dealers and librarians, specialized in scholarly and commercial work.

Distributor of New Age products, mainly sold to bookstores. The Open Road Distributor, a business unit of Open Road Integrated Media, offers small freelance publishing houses the ability to quickly and effectively exploit their unused assets. WEST1700 Fourth St. Fourth St. Distributor Representative and marketer for the book and gastronomy retail with over 150 independant publishing houses.

900 Shaughnessy St. Dominican Specialist for West Coast Publishing. Small-press United ( "SPU") provides high-quality selling and distributing service to small publishing houses of printed and ebooks. This is a business unit of the Independant Publishers Group. Dealer that specializes in the local interests of southwestern non-fiction, nature guide and outdoor/adventure sport. From just over $10 per months for small publishing houses, IBPA memberships benefit independents of all size.

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