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Well-designed templates for iBooks Author, Mac Pages and Keynote. The Pages contains four reflowable templates: Empty book, basic, textbook and novel. It' the focus of your whole damn book. cover template word book design templates case mac cd psd free. It's easy to create a fantastic yearbook with the Mac yearbook maker Flip PDF.

DesiGN Book Templates on the Mac App Store

Search the vast selection of themes to find the right look, insert your text and pictures, and post your own book to the iBookstore! The templates available across the board include everything from books for businesses and travelling to art and cookery. Every design is easy to customize and allows you to get the most out of the book authoring tools provided by iBooks Author.

DesiGN Book's main focus is on fun typing, making it really simple to add text, images or even film. Its luxury design and multiple modifications help make contents come alive like new! Needs the latest release of iBooks Authors.

  • New and revised templates added. I found some beautiful templates, but a few flaws. For example, if I used a pattern and created my first book, I could work on all IPSUM LOREM materials in the scenery mode, but there is a section about one of the patterns that is blocked or cannot be worked on when I look at the book in the default mode.

I also failed to work out how to edit the pages of the non-landscape chapters. It has a navigation colour on the lefthand side and moves to the right but the text is also blank so that anything that goes beyond the left-hand navigation device is sluiced out. Some work rounds (i.e. to create a coloured form to go over the non-editable Lorem Ipsum stuff), so it is not a big obstacle.

Downloading/Installing took a while, but then open the theming application (not the iBook author) and double-click a topic. This opens in iBook Authors and seems to work just like the built-in topics. It seems to have a good thematic diversity. I' ve created a book with iBooks Authors and I wanted even more templates.

It was disappointing after more than an hours of writing a book with one of the topics provided in this application, and it keeps crashing and doesn't show my stored changes.

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