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Create ebooks on any device with Book Creator for Chrome. Get youtube videos into other applications like Book Creator on iPad! Movies how Book Creator and Explain Everything can play together! You' ll need to know the important feature of FlipBook Creator Professional that allows YouTube videos to be embedded. An intuitive and easy-to-learn application for creating your own eBooks, Book Creator offers many applications for those in every phase of their learning journey.

The top 10 hints for using Book Creator

Interaktive Images The Book Creator has undergone major changes over the past year as a result of periodic updating. What's great about it is that you can make images (or even parts of them) interactively! Audiofeedback. One of the things that worked particularly well for us was the teachers' response.

Dropbox or e-mail to send your Student a co-worker photograph that they can re-use throughout the entire process. Then, as items are added to the e-book, they can come to you for audioreflections on their work, endeavor, or even imaging. Each picture can be provided with a link, which offers a multitude of options.

You can either link to a website or to a particular page in the e-book itself. The Book Creator is kind to contents that come from the camera role. Such contents in other applications like Morfo, Puppet Pals, Explain Everything etc. can simply be embeded to further improve your iBook.

If an application does not export to the scroll, use the built-in screen capture utility to capture an original picture and then cropping it directly in the photo application. It is now possible to directly load onto the role of the camcorder and paste it into an ebook. That' great, because it means iPad doesn't have to rule an iPad but can be used as a hand writing presentation work.

Audio/type reflexions or even videoreflections can then further improve your work! Much of the student have little experiance causing e-books and as such can get little off with the type choices - and use as many as humanely possible! Let them launch a new book on a seperate unit and at the end of the meeting load the design into the dropbox.

Now when they get back to their own devices, they can start downloading the additional pages they created for Book Creator. Click on the + icon and select "Combine Books". Now simply select the Extras pages e-book and they will be added to the end of the initial book!

After the completion of an e-book projects in 2012, it was a little bit of a disappointment for those without iPad at home that they could not take their work with them. Fortunately, the latest version of Book Creator has fixed this problem. The Chrome Store can be accessed from here and the free Readium application can be downloaded.

So your e-book can be opened on a full-featured, fully interactivity wallpaper!

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