Book Creator Tutorial Pdf

Creator Book Tutorial Pdf

Browse through the short tutorial it offers. You will see a menu with send buttons for email, iTunes, collections, PDF and printing. The first time you open Book Creator, there is a handy guide to help you get started.

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Touch the'New Book' icon at the top right of the page. You can then select the form of your book from the 3 available choices, Vertical, Square or Horizontal. It determines which form a single page should have.

Let's begin by selecting a beautiful light color for the page back. Press the "Inspector" icon at the top right of the display to select a color for your wallpaper. Select one of the default colors or press "Custom" to select the desired color. OK, we are willing to give our book a name ( "Make sure you have a good one!").

Touch the + symbol and select'Add text'. When you make a bug, you can always click the Undo at the top of the screen. Next, while the text is still marked with the orange edge, click on the "Inspector" pushbutton to open the styles window. Either select Camera to take a picture or select a picture already stored on your iPod.

Browse to the picture you want and choose it to appear in your book. To add a new page, simply touch the large + on the right side of the page or you can use the Pages pushbutton in the top left area. Notice that your first 2 pages have already been added for you, so on the title page press the > to add text and pictures to the other two.

Submit your book to iBooks anytime to see what the book looks like with all the enjoyment of browsing! How to submit your book to iBooks. After you have finished add items to the pages of your book, you can return to the Home screen by touching My Sites.

You will see that your book is stored and added to the book creation process as well. Your book has the standard title'A New Book' by A.N. Autor, so let's fix it. Press the "Inspector" tab below your book and touch the book name or the name of the book to edit it.

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