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Browse case studies and lesson plans from teachers using Book Creator at Includes a collection of iPad multimedia apps for creativity and examples of students' multimedia projects with the iPad. Book Creator is a bookmaking tool. It is a high-quality creation tool that allows students of many ages and abilities to publish their own digital books.

What can I do with this tool?

Brilliant technical tool for use in the classroom

The Book Creator was introduced in 2011. Browse Book Creator? The Book Creator is, as the cover says, an application that lets you make your own book. Book Creator One. You can use all options, but only one book can be created. Launch the application and click on the plus icon at the bottom of the page to make a new book (you can select an empty one or select a ready-made template).

Select a picture, movie, live cam, stylus, text or audio (this medium can be shifted and manipulated). Eventually, continue adding pages until your book is completed. The Book Creator is really so simple to use. Also here is an essay I have written some time ago about my experiences with the Book Creator to record a scientific lecture.

I would suggest the best place is the Book Creator Facecbook Group. Find both Book Creator and Book Creator teachers here - just ask a simple Q and you'll get great responses in no time. Everybody in the group is committed to helping educators who use the application - I have many great things on this page.

You can also visit the Book Creator website. 50 ways to use Book Creator in the classroom". Last ly, the new Google Chrome application is strongly advised.

id= "Tips_for_creating_great_books">Tips for making big books

CAUTION: Some or all of the Book Creator application may currently be deactivated while a fully re-written copy is being used. When you write, you can make a book artwork and post it to Pedia Press to clean it up and order on call in (approximately) A5s. Soft copies can also be created with the standalone open code tool MediaWiki2LaTeX, which can be used on-line or downloaded from the local installation site.

Last update on April 12, 2018. how to make a book! An excellent book concentrates on a specific subject and provides the best possible coverage. An expressive book name can help other people to have the right expectations for the contents of a book. You should have an adequate number of items.

It is not enough to write an entry, but a book leading to more than 500 -page PDF is probably too big and can cause trouble even on older workstations. When your book has a clear focal point, a descriptive name and a suitable volume, you should add it to the joint book-listing.

It can either be saved directly in Book:Title or moved there from your user area. You can order PDF or OpenDocument format book versions or order them for print on the PediaPress website. You can also edit and produce a book. Figure 2: Click the colored arrow to launch the bookmaker.

When you have hid the book maker, you will see Help:Hide and show books/for experts#book maker. In order to insert the currently displayed page into your book, simply click on "Add this page to your book". When you open a page in a section, the "Add this page to your book" changes to "Add this section to your book".

If you click on "Add this section to your book", all items in this section will be added. Once you have selected some items, you can click on "Suggest Pages" to get a listing of items related to your choice. It will help you to make a more comprehensive book if you run out of suggestions or just want to make sure you haven't missed anything.

Figure 4: You don't even have to open every page you want to include in your book. Simply click on a few seconds on a hyperlink and click on "Add Shortcut to your book page " in the orange window that will appear. Figure 5: When you are satisfied with the items you have gathered, click on "View Book" to administer your book.

Give your book a caption and caption, modify the order of items, delete items, or insert a chapter to differentiate specific parts of your book. No book can be downloaded at the moment. At the end you have to enter a bookmark for your book and click on the Save Book tab. There' s also a side box with a shortcut to your book.

When visiting a previously stored book, the book appears at the top of the page with an optional book reopening in Book Creator. You will find all of the works you have worked on in your postings which you can call up by clicking on the "Posts" button at the top right of each page once you are signed in.

Click on the PediaPress links to upload your library of PediaPress widgets to PediaPress, a book printing tool that uses wikis. For more information on print book, see the FAQ page and the help page on print book, which includes information on costs and formats.

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