Book Creator Lite

The Book Creator Lite

See the video of the app in action and you will see a kind of InDesign Lite. A free lite version is also available. Return to the results Book Creator for the iPad featured image. The Book Creator is one of the most versatile applications for students. Creating Conversations is a bookstore and author dedicated to preserving the value of reading, learning and sharing books in our communities.

BooKreator for iPad makes e-book publishing easy

iPads are only for consuming contents, right? You can use their application - Book Creator - to quickly and simply create and import e-books on your iPhone to view in iBooks or sell on the iBooks Store. See the application live on screen and you will see a kind of InDesign Lite.

Use the iPad Photo Browser to create your own photo album. After that, the resulting book can be opened in iBooks or sent to Dropbox, and from there you can email it to your friend, child (it's a great way to create a children's book) or to the iBooks Store, knowing that it fulfills all Apple's specifications.

It is also a great way to create a document when used in combination with the increasing number of iPad document formats available. The Book Creator is now available for $7, see also: Getting your Stanza E-Book Library to iBooks for iPad..... iBooks Store with Project Gutenberg titles on launch.....

Creating a book with Book Creator

Recently I found an application named Book Creator for iPAD. Like the proposed application name, it is an application that allows children to produce their own digitized work. I' ve tested some other applications with similar features, such as StoryKit. Compared to StoryKit, both applications have the basics such as image and text addition, voice capture and soundeffects.

The Book Creator is more multifaceted than StoryKit. I liked some nice features: 1. the children can change the size of the image and turn the image to different corners. You can place the images anywhere on the page, you can also insert several images on one page and choose how you want to superimpose the images.

It' simple to add text. Children can select many different font styles, sizes and colours and place the text anywhere on the page. You can also place the text over the images. As well as capturing vocals and sounds, children can select a song, such as their favourite tunes, from the iTunes library on the unit.

Once the children have finished the book, they can open it directly from the iBook application using the iBook. How can children use the application? We' re going to make a book this sommer about our holidays. I will of course ask the young man to take the tour and be responsible for the overall layout of the book.

This could also be a good instrument for research for older children. Children can take memos, dictations, pictures, listen to pictures, listen to sounds,.... everything in one place, makes it simple to organise the material. The Books Creator is available for iPAD. A free lite edition is also available. Light beer:

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