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View books written by students in #iTunesU on the iTunes Store. These instructions apply only to Book Creator for iPad. A link is provided to the corresponding page in the iTunes App Store on the Red Jumper website. Browse Book Creator is a fantastic app that Coby and Natasha use a lot in their classrooms. For an iTunes U course with Book Creator, click here.

from the Good Samaritan Primary School

The courseware is only available in the iTunes U application on your iPhone or iPad. During the course of a whole weeks, the student has read several storybooks. For the purpose of this unit, pupils will use the Book Creator application to build their own book. You will use the subject of one of our previously read storybooks, but tell the tale from another character's view.

The Book Creator allows pupils to be very imaginative and to create many different types of interactivity and medium. We' ll post the students' textbooks and we' ll be sharing them with the rest of the school.

iLearn 2 Book Creator Teacher's Guide on iBooks

The simplest way to organise and expand your global iTunes library. Cannot find iTunes on your computer. If you want to buy iTunes from the iTunes Store, get it now. Already have iTunes? I have iTunes to open it now. With iBooks, this book can be downloaded to your Mac or iPhone.

You can use your Mac or iPhone to view Multi-Touch book files with your iBook. Interactivity-enabled eBooks work best on an iPhone. Your Mac needs OS 10.9 or later to run iBook. BooktraCreator for iPad is one of the most widely used iPad teaching applications by educators around the world and was voted Best Education App at BETT 2015.

With over 50 suggestions, hints and suggestions for using Book Creator in thousands of sessions on a wide range of topics, this teacher's guide is designed to help you get the most out of Book Creator. - Thinking of how to use Book Creator with other applications. - Guidebooks for exchanging e-books with your parent, student and posting on the iBooks Store. - Web page allows you to find your idea by topic.

The guide was written by Adam Foster, an expert primary school educator who has used Book Creator in his teaching since its first publication in 2011. - The new Book Creator functions are included with new teaching tips and instruction. This will be an ideal source for book creators using Book Creator in their classrooms.

A lot of great teaching schedule and beautiful, easy presentations. Compatible with iPad, iPhone and Mac. You will need an iPad with iBooks 2 or higher and iPhone with Ibooks 5 or higher, or iPhone with iPhone 8.4 or higher, or Mac with OS 10.9 or higher to use it.

There are not enough reviews to show an averages for this book. iBooks is an astonishing way to get and view a book on your iPhone, iPad or iPodouch. iBooks can be downloaded from the App Store.

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