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The Book Creator App contains additional functions. Create and order your Bob Book directly from your iPad or iPhone. Have you got mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and so on? View the daily app ranking, rankings, ratings, features and ratings of top apps such as Book Creator for iPhone and iPad on the iOS Store. An innovative application for creating books with iPhone/iPad!

When iBooks is authoring Overkill for your simple eBook project, try Book Creator for iPhone instead[Review].

Apple's new iBooks Author app for Mac is an amazing work, all the more so when you consider that it is free. While it is simple to use in comparison to many other page layouts, it is still a rather tedious and complex task to create a book with it. It is also directly geared to the educational markets.

This was conceived for the production of schoolbooks. With iBooks, it's easy to see what if your children want to make one? iBooks author, for all its benefit, would probably be redundant. Right side screen, Book Creator for iPhone. With this $5 application, you can easily build easy iPad based electronic music. Ready to read ready book can be either directly imported to the same iPad or posted to the iBooks Shop or sent to other services or devices that support the ePub file formats (most of them except Kindle).

Doing a book is a bit like making a Keynote speech. Each page allows you to include text, pictures or sounds (the application has its own audiocassette player, but you can also export music from your iPad's iTunes library). It' not very progressive, but it doesn't have to be.

However, it is best suitable for small text and image combined textbook. When you already have a very long text you want to translate, Book Creator may not be the best option because you need to insert your text into a page at once. It' great for your schools project, your photobooks to exchange with your friends and sisters, your brief story or any set of memorabilia or swearwords you want to exchange with the like.

iPhone Flip Book Maker

Have you got cell phones like iPhone, iPad, Android and so on? This intelligent equipment has given us a lot of pleasure and comfort in our young people's ability to use it. There are two general ways to view your version of your favorite clip on your phone: When your book has been posted to a website, only if your machine is online, you can simply type the web address into your machine's web browsers to begin viewing without additional APPs.

Just as with the off-line use, you usually need to set up an app that can costs you moneys. You can' t always find the book you want in the right size. The Flip Book Maker for iPhone is such a great way to do both on-line and off-line readings on the iPhone for you.

You can create Flipbooks from any PDF files and store them in html formats for on-line use or as an application for off-line use. You can then download your book application to your iPhone and view the book for free.

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