Book Creator App Tutorial

The Book Creator App Tutorial

View more ideas about book creators, iPads and digital storytelling. This tutorial will help you create collaborative books with Book Creator for the iPad. Split - Send the book to other applications, including iBooks. Use the Book Creator App in the classroom! To see this fantastic list of ways Book Creator can be used for learning, click on the image (or here)!

Creator Book App:

Creator Book App: The Book Creator App is an easy-to-use yet high-performance application. Completed eBook works on all eBook readable media. The book can contain text plates, pictures, notes, sound, videos and the like. You can save the final artwork as an eBook (ePub), as.pdf or as a film!

One tutorial and following review: The following tutorial is a brief introduction to the functions of Book Creator. eBook-based tutorial: and a demonstration! Have a look at the eBook with the integrated tutorial + hints and hints! eBooks for Learning: One of the most common applications for the creation of eBooks is the merging of contents into a final one.

The " touch " interactions with the final products, when stored as ePub, have something great. Its capability to integrate videos and sounds also makes it particularly efficient for many topics that depend on acoustic com-ponents. The possibility of saving an e-book as a movie is also an interesting innovation.

That' s especially good if a large part of your book consists of sound with plain text excerpts. You can also save your book in Adobe Reader software in Adobe Reader software (PDF). The Book Creator App has a great range of functions! The use of transparent background or well designed background images offers you great flexibility when designing your layouts.

In order to store as videotape, the amount of text on each transparency is determined by the length of sound and videotape on the pages and how much text there is = very well! Storing as it is not storing the sound or videos, but rather a link. Which was important when compared apps: - end result consistence epoxy and pfd looks like it should look like, i.e. typefaces, position etc.?

Many thanks to Meg Wilson @ipodsibilities fpr her impressive app listing to help you find a whole range of ways to create eBooks on iDevices! This page is refreshed and "expanded" over the course of the period by reacting to feedbacks and remarks as well as updating and changes.

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