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A magically simple way to create and publish books. See Common Sense Media's Book Creator review, rating and parent's guide. I' ve received some enthusiastic reviews about the book from my niece. The Book Creator app was written by Liz K. McKinney.

Boklecreator App for pupils and students

Here is a brief introduction to using the Book Creator app with pupils in the schoolroom. A presentation by students: with all the different components of a single curatorial event on your iPad. Easily share your finished book with your teacher using the "Open in another app" feature:

so that the work can be readily share with the teacher. Further advantages are the evident possibility to open your ready printed book in iBooks to make a later reworking of the theme easier. You can also open a book in Book Creator for further processing / completion, but also in Creative Book Creator.

Disadvantages: It does not have some of the advanced functions that the Creative Book builder offers, but it is very easy to use.

What can we do to increase this contribution?

I' m working on some curricula on the new bears and rabbits promotion for John Lewis. There will be an e-book published about the bears that never saw Christmas, but at the moment of the reviewing! So I made my own eBook on the basis of the history of the bear and the rabbit.

I' ve just finished downloading a free application from the iTunes Retail iTunes store named Book Creator. Quickly produce annotated multi-media textbook. It was free to download, but you can only make one book and then you have to buy the full license for 4,99 ? if you like what you see.

You' ll be able to create your own book and add photos, text, video and sound to it. Every page in your book can contain photos and video from your own stored photos and/or from your iTunes libraries. In the full edition, you can pick up your own voices to comment on each page of your book, which is an ingenious function.

You can also publish your book on Facebook and Twitter. I' m at last a released writer, although I just hopefully John Lewis won't be bothered if I change her marvelous tale of romance and ardency. I' ll be adding all the Bear and Hare Stories I' ve done when they're done.

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