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Wondering what's going on with iBooks Author and Pages ebook creation? Doing a book is a bit like creating a presentation in Keynote. A number of new textbook publishing partners have joined Apple. A new E-Book Creator App. How to copy books from the iPad to the iTunes account on your iMac or PC:

Pages, iBooks author and eBooks creation: All you need to know

During the Apple Education meeting on Tuesday, the firm said that for the first case, pupils and educators will be able to create and distribute e-book content directly to an iPad or iPhone. It' a rather thrilling feat - but one that was quickly taken up by long-time iBooks author user with apprehension about Apple's silences in the professional book editor application.

Wondering what's going on with iBooks Author and Pages e-book generation? In the early e-books era, it was customary to work on a script in Word (or Pages) and submit this script to a designer application like InDesign to be packed as ePub; with ePub 2, Apple launched built-in page-to page exporter capabilities, enabling the user to easily import basic e-books.

However, this was an arbitrary and poorly labelled exporter: There were some page functions that worked in the resulting e-book and others that didn't work at all, and there was no clue what would appear after exporting the work. When iBooks Author was launched to produce great-looking fixed-format e-books, Apple Pages upgraded to exports smooth ePub 3 content, but these were still highly basic and completely paraphrased, without supporting most of Pages' multi-media capabilities.

The latest Pages release delivers a fully functional eBook publishing environment for Mac, iPhone and iPad - there are several free floating and hard formatted eBook themes with text, multi-media gallery, user-defined style, drawing and movie rendering capabilities. eBub 3? How about the iBooks Author's .iBooks file is? It has always been and will always be exporting as.

It' an open file size means your book is available for all your equipment - not just Apple's iBooks music. Are you able to open ePub, .iBooks or.iba documents in Pages? Okay, but.... what happens to iBook's creator? What makes Apple's stillness? iBooks Authors don't go anywhere (yet). It will not stop,.ibooks will still work in the iBooks app, and you can create them to your heart's desire.

This is important because Pages' e-book production - although much better than before - is still in its early years. However, will iBooks author forever be the Logic to Pages GarageBand? It is clear that the iWork Behind the Baffles has done a great deal to re-write its ePub exports tools with all the functionality of Pages, so that they are still ePub 3 compliant - no need for a native iBooks file system.

With as the application evolves, it is clear that the iWork staff wants a common, simpler eBook creation and display environment. As with many Apple applications before, this sometimes means going back to the sketchboard and start from zero. That is not Apple's legal position: All I' ve been told, she just said that iBooks author doesn't go away so fast.

We at ePub 3 want to develop an ePub 3 without the use of native file format, and this expertise is developed within Pages. It may not yet have property equity with iBooks author, but if it does, I am expecting the older e-books application to vanish in favour of its more adaptable crony.

Is there a way for this release to return to a new release of iBooks Authors? I like iBooks Writer! If I want to make an e-book in Pages, why? With some great new functions, it's definitely a good idea to consider when creating a book in Pages: If I still use iBooks Authors, why should I?

site is still quite restricted for sophisticated e-book authoring. So here are a few reasons you might want to temporarily adhere with iBooks author: I still dig through pages as of this letter so I can find more Pro' s and Con's to using the pages against iBooks author; I'll let you know when/when I do.

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