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We have tutorials on how to get the most out of Book Creator for iPad and links to community videos we like. Bookto came out for Chrome (insert excited screams here). BooKreator is an app from the iTunes Store that lets you create eBooks on your iPad. BookCreator is an entry-level machine for home use. Make the most of your experience with our Creator Assistant.

Use of Book Creator

BooktraCreator is an intuitively designed and easily learned application for the creation of your own eBooks and offers many apps for those who are in every phase of their study trip. It is intended to encourage educators and others to make better use of the application to help students improve their communications, study and alphabetisation.

We' ve tried it and the result is amazing - all the multi-media features work and it's almost like looking at the book in iBooks, full of fun pages!

We' ve tried it and the result is amazing - all the multi-media features work and it's almost like looking at the book in iBooks, full of fun pages! said Dan Amos, creator of Book Creator: Bokcreator for iPad is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

Szenario: Take a book and comment on it during a talk to your students/colleagues.

It is the first in a four-part article on how to combine the functions of the two applications for different szenarios. Just think, you began to create a book in Book Creator and then you realized that it would be really great to use what you did to make a student livecent.

You' ve used Book Creator to take full benefit of the large selection of typefaces and easy text processing, but now you want to go one better. It is a straightforward chart showing the location and behaviour of the Sun, Earth and Moon. View the movie below to see how, or just click on the following links.

Touch the plus sign again, select text, and apply labels to the items. Insert a caption below the chart and select a suitable text backdrop to make it legible. Go to the My Book Creator page and touch the link below your book (right).

Select'Export as PDF' and then'Single pages' (not that it is important - there is only one page anyway). We' re going to make a recording so we can use it as a live stream in the near years. Transfer your iPad to a larger display using AirPlay with Apple TV or just plug your iPad into a computer with a cord and plug it into a project.

Use the Pen utility, pick a color and begin commenting. You can use different colors for different parts of the chart and tell them what you are doing (e.g. it will take 365 day for the earth to orbit the sun). You can now add a little extra by exporting the slides as videos to reference later - tapping the Exports button at the bottom right and selecting the file type and application in which you want to use them.

The No is Book Creator. One book application in 80 lands in Apple and a very much-loved education application that has been in charge of creating over 15 millionbooks. The Book Creator is available on iPad, Android trays and Windows machines.

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