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Books cover template download for free

Complimentary book cover design templates in PSD-editable files. Download Kindle and CreateSpace for free. Complimentary starter kit with digital book writing guide + Word and PDF templates Download free book cover tag graphic design templates and use them for your personal and commercial purposes. With our professionally designed cover design templates, you can easily create the perfect book cover for your project. You can download stunning free images from Book Cover.

Creating a book cover from a template

The majority of publishers offer you the possibility to load your book cover as a single document. Though this is great if you want to have an image or sample that will run across the whole book, there are a few things you need to get your mind round to make sure it is the right sized.

We' ve put together some charts and tutorials to help you, and some downloadable patterns. Back width The width of the back depends on how many pages your book has and how thick the sheet ofaper is. Crop You want to make sure that your cover does not end with a blank spot at the margins.

In order to do this, you must include a trimming allowance to the trimming area so that your cover picture is slightly bigger than your finished cover. Secure area These are the areas on the front cover, back cover and back where all the important parts of your cover should go.

Notice that this is true for the back, even if you have a very thin book, so consider this. If you do not comply, your book may be declined by the printer or your back may look mismatched. Border This is the space between the'safe area' and the line in which your book is trimmed.

We recommend that you do not enter anything important in this section, such as your name, cover text or name. Making it clear also makes your book look more pro. Bleed Format This relates to the actual cover format that the cover will have when it is trimmed.

You' ll mainly listen to folks who refer to the cut-height of the book when it is hardcover, i.e. only to the front cover of it. We have created some patterns that can be used for our default sizes: Although this varies from printer to printer, here is an easier way to get a good picture of your back width: if your book is in demy format:

When your book is the grandeur of a crown: Full-width images from Photoshop: From the " Picture " option, choose "Canvas size" and adjust the width so that it is your "Width with bleed". You' ll see that there are also special coatings for the front and back. Slide them so that they are snug against the outside of the template and the space in the center is the right height for your back.

Increase or decrease the width of the spinal bed to get an impression of what your secure area will be, even though it is no longer the same. Pre-printed PNG templates: If you want to go further into photo processing, you should choose a free option named Gimp.

It can be downloaded here. Now you know how to get your cover to the right sizing. Included in this procedure are book sizing, the upload of a book, the determination of the prize and the possibility to use our dedicated Cover Creator. Cover Creator is our free on-line utility that downloads an empty screen with the right measurements for the front, back and back so you don't need to download any specific softwares and can concentrate on being imaginative!

Cover Creater generates your book cover and your name on the front and back of it. Maybe you want to directly load a PDF of the whole cover into our system. There is an optional feature that you can also choose as part of the bookmaker.

We' ll give you all the measurements you need to make sure your cover is the right one. It is a good choice for those who use PhotoShop or InDesign to make their artwork. Or you can download the bar code to include in your cover. So what makes a great cover? Favorite book jackets - results from our contest.

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