Book Cover Creator

Bookcover Creator

Create an eye-catching cover for your Wattpad books with our Wattpad Cover Creator - even without design knowledge! Is the simplest and most flexible book cover manufacturer with the most options. Use the book details you entered when you created the title to create your cover. Covemaster is a free online tool for creating great cover artwork for your book, CD or DVD. Preview the book cover online.

There are 3 cover models

Allows you to modify your coverage types. Full-colour hardcover printing. The printing is lamination with a shiny surface. It has a cover covered with ebony and a detachable full-colour cover. Soft cover with a full-colour imprinted pattern of your choise. Select your favourite from a range of designs and colours.

Begin with a blank pattern and make your own custom one. We can make a cover for your book. Just submit your book information and your idea and we will do the work. These 3 items are available when you write a new book. If you use one of our themes, you can select from 3 layouts:

You' ve selected a blank pattern to create your own theme. You can now create your own images and text by simply pressing the icon on the tool bar. Include a text frame: Begin entering your text or copy it from another file. Select your typeface, text orientation and text format.

Do you want your text box to have a colour or box? Then click on the symbols and select your favourite colour. Modify history: A new box opens so that you only see your text. Shut it down and you' re going back to your cover. Attach a square, pie or line to your cover.

Customize your fill and frame colour. Do you like your cover? Return to My Movies and decide what happens to your book next. Browse your book and click one of the symbols on your cover. For more information about the Icon.

Watt Pad Cover Creator

Create an eye-catching cover for your Wattpad book with our Wattpad Cover Creator - even without any knowledge of it! As soon as you have finished writing your book, it is only a question of showing it to the people. Fortunately, we live in the epoch with on-line portals where you can present your book in abundance - and Wattpad is one of the places to go.

But just because Wattpad has million of people, that doesn't mean you are definitely a reader. It' not enough that your book is appealing orally. But it' not deserving its content unless you can persuade scholar to choice you out of all the different decision making. Make an eye-catching cover that attracts their interest!

Nowadays, when it comes to the selection of titles, we REALLY evaluate them by their cover, so it should be no problem to make your book look good. Playing with the functions and familiarize yourself with the possibilities of Wattpad Cover Creator! To personalize your cover, you can add your own picture to make it easy to brand your book.

To get your reader into your next sales book, you need to develop a real-world approach behind your work - and the right backdrop could do just that. You can also have several hundred designs to give your cover a touch of class. As soon as you have made your cover, it's the right moment to show it to your future supporters!

You can also choose to down-load it in two different formats: 3-D cover and 2-D cover. We know how much it took us a lot of trouble and money to make a book that you can call your own, and it's only right and proper that you do it!

You can even design the cover with your own creative and imaginative ideas and without a design backdrop! A professionally looking book cover is sure to tempt the reader to review your book. If your storyline is half as great as your cover, I congratulate you!

The best thing about using Watt Pad Cover Creator is that it's completely free! So if you have a tale for the million of watt pad reader to tell, do it best with a great cover.

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