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China National Publication Import and. We welcome author David Zeltser today to discuss what inspired him to write his new picture book The Universe Ate My Homework.

Nagpur, Pune, Delhi

At BCI we have our own book published on various topics and curricula. It is used to integrate all the latest news and all the necessary information into the book. You can take your book with you to the countryside, where there is practically no power. In comparison to computer and power, textbooks are relatively inexpensive and access will remain important for many years.

So we have a number of publications. BCI, is one of the fastestgrowing publishers in India. Their only goal is to make high-quality textbooks available to schoolchildren. The focus is on the publication of user-friendly, groundbreaking and simulated textbooks that are perfect accompaniments for schoolchildren. The Book Corporation of India was founded in 2010 with the mission of serving the cause of learning by creating cutting-edge and insightful textbooks that contribute to the holistic growth of the family.

In the first year, we have released 46 serials and are currently developing new ones for which our writers and members of the teams are working on. It is characterised by a high level of scholarly and pedagogical publication and is aimed at playing an important part in the development and prosperity of Indo-Port.

To this end, the Group takes its corporate responsibility seriously by offering high-quality products on the local markets. The research and development staff is always ready to keep up with the latest methods of instruction and we will shortly be launching our booklet. At BCI B├╝cher, we are devoted to the dissemination of science with the aim of surpassing in education editing.

Our constant aim is to create textbooks with incomparable contents and aesthetic qualities at affordable costs and to make them available to you.

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"A few are to try, others to swallow, and a few are to chew and digest: that is, some are only to study in parts, others are not curious, and a few are to study completely and with care and caution. Buch Corporation is a well-known publisher, distributor and bookseller in the fields of taxes, law and management in the Eastern region.

More than 53 years old, they have begun to meet the needs of institutes, libraries, government agencies, offices, professionals, university graduates, and door-to-door book delivery. You have represented various publishers such as Taxmann Publication Pvt. Ltd, Lexis Nexis, Wolters Kluwer India Pvt. Ltd, Bharat Law House-Delhi, Universal, SnowWhite, C.Sitaraman & Co., Oxford, McGraw Hill, Delhi Law House, Centax Publication, Company Law Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. etc.

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