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Here is the description on the page of the author Scott Berkun: " Scott Berkun is the bestselling author of six books on many fascinating topics. Writers are the masters of language, but most are not on the web. A lot of authors do not value a strong web presence, which they usually use. Mr. Brown's website perfectly reflects the secret in his books.

Twenty-nine author websites with stellar designs

A lot of popular writers have web pages that are the linchpin of their on-line advertising activities - web pages that offer a single point of contact for everything from blogs to bookselling and e-mailing. What is the best way to build such a website? We have put together 29 samples to give you some suggestions. This site can be an inspirational place for any author or publisher who wants to set up or modify an author's website.

We reviewed websites to be included in this listing following the guidance in our recent report on nine author website Trends you need to know. In order to appear on this sample page, the pages had to satisfy most, if not all, of the following criteria: We' ve made sure that both conventional and self-published writers as well as a wide range of genre and style are represented, so that everyone can find some inspiratn.

Which other authoring sites would you include in the mailing lists? #Author! Have a look at this vast selection of author website samples - Which one is your favourite?

Basic components of an author's website

As part of their long-term mark-to-market effort and the continuous further develop-ment of the website, I strongly urge all writers to launch and upkeep it. One of the first things you ask yourself when you get up and running is: What exactly happens on your author's page - especially if you have never been published before? You use WordPress. Now powering 20% of the world's Web sites, it's easy to find help and out-of-the-box features when you need them.

I' ve been using it since 2006 and have been able to enhance my site for many years without ever having to restart a new site - because WordPress is never outdated or collapsed. There are too many users who use WordPress to make it go down or go away, and the kernel system is open and free.

Please note: Do not attempt to mix up the use of with the use of WordPress the CMS or your WordPress software. An adapted Wordpress release supports many pages you visit - The New York Times, The New Yorker, TechCrunch, CNN, etc. Anybody can use WordPress; it is not necessary to use or have a accoun.

When you just can't like WordPress, SquareSpace is a good option if you can do it. It should be the name you are publishing under, not your book name. The name of your author is your trademark that spans dozens of years and every book you release.

Self-Headquarter is best for long-term effort, or use free to launch simple web site hosting. Serious careers writers self-host, while new writers or unedited writers may want to facilitate in website creation and administration with a free user in. There is no substitute for the author's website. Historically, some publishing houses have been telling writers that Facebook pages can substitute author-website.

You can find more information in my article Why do publishers not believe in author websites? OK, so let's say you have a clean, empty slate-like content with WordPress and you're willing to rebuild your authoring website from the ground up. Gather the following items for your website. Buchcover pictures. Each book you publish will give you the highest possible quality you can find.

Short describes of the individual books. The Amazon page of your book probably contains a short introduction to your book that you can begin with. Otherwise, create a 25-100 words descriptive text. Lengthy book titles. That would be the back or backfold copy for your book. It' probably about 200-300 words, or the full Amazon River narrative.

On this page you will find a list of all the large on-line dealers where you can buy your book. Link to your published S. M. profile. When you have an authorized Facebook author page or Twitter, Google Plus, Goodreads, etc. account. Gather all the hymns of appreciation that appear on the front or back of your book, or formal (positive) feedback you have got from the music world.

Generate important information pages for your website. One page devoted to each of your book chapters (or all titles). Show always the title picture, but keep the dissolution low (e.g. less than 500 pixels) for the simple representation on your website. You can make the high-resolution file available for free or as part of a multimedia package.

Briefly describe your book, blur layers, quotations or praises that indicate it's a great book, and purchase button links to all the big retail stores. You can also enter the long descriptions and/or attach a hyperlink to an abstract - usually the introductory text or part one.

When there are additional material to your book (book clubs guide, FAQ', etc.), make sure they are easily accessible and interlinked on the book page. One page for each book row (if applicable). Simplify it for the reader to see the order of the titles in the show and find out which ones they have been reading.

For WordPress, I suggest a simple way to include a link in the list. Link to your own online profile. When you are elsewhere (e.g. Twitter, Facebook), make it clear either with the use of public service button in the head, foot or side bar - or by using a widget or badge that reflects your work.

For example, my SMBs are in the bottom line. Each author should have an e-mail newsletters to keep the reader informed about new publications and upcoming newsletters. A lot of writers place the registration very prominent in the center of their homepage. The content of your homepage depends (at least at the beginning) strongly on the WordPress topic you have chosen.

Covers of your latest book (or even all of your books). The homepage of Alain de Botton succeeds in capturing the author's many different interests and titles at a single sight. This is a call to trade if you don't have a book to buy, such as subscribing to an e-mail newletter. Societal evidence. It can be as easy as a short quotation from a bright book report.

Or, say, one of your textbooks was an Oprah pick that goes in the middle. A few writers simply stay at "New York Times Bestseller" (provided it's true). Most importantly, the kind of author you are - and the kind of work you are producing - is quickly identifiable. Keep the home page browsing or the menusystem completely clear - which usually means that you have a clear way to get more information about who you are ("About"), how to get in touch with you ("Contact") and what kind of book you have written ("Books").

While you may not have the tools to do this immediately, in the long run it is useful to employ a professional design professional to build a customized headers picture, or otherwise build a customized look that matches your personalities and your work. Simone Collins' contribution provides an overview of what this means and what you should consider in order to turn your Wordpress artwork into something unique.

What's great about WordPress? You' ll be visiting other authors' pages and beginning to take up nuances you've never seen before; you'll want to integrate their box of tricks into your own page. Many writers, for example, integrate socially proofs into their headers - they see the logo of the most important medias that have presented their work.

Perhaps you will not really take note of this until you have your own website and realise that you want to mirror the same kind of "social proof" that your work deserves. Their website is never ready. While you may not have pages of your own for your own publications, you may have a page for ongoing research or short works that have been released on-line or in printed form.

It' better to start your website now while you're still unreleased, so you own your own your own domainname early, start learning how to use the utilities, and start the trip to express who you are in your own online world. Need to reconsider the key elements of your website?

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