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Sharing on Facebook. Sharing on Facebook. eBook Reader Apps that we cannot store. Soft and hardcover books are currently available. Build and publish media-rich and interactive e-book applications without programming.

Kobo in the App Store

Connect with tens of thousands of readers around the globe and get eBooks and audio books in one application. Leave without shelves and take your literary adventure with you when you travel. Audio books by Kobo - our brandnew, professionally edited series. Just put a book in your Kobo library and find it right away in your application - all your eBooks and audio books together in one handy application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Kobo App makes it even smoother and more user-friendly to read: - Customize the way you use it. To make pre-sleeping readings easy, try night modes and block the display in either vertical or horizontal format. Don't be worried about loosing your seat and see at a glance how much extra space you have over you.

  • View tens of thousand of free eBook thumbnails or hear audio book examples to find your next favorite. - Begin with the first one and record another. Kobo App always keeps track of where you stopped so you can easily browse through all your equipment. - Shared your passion for books on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Publish your favorite quotations, memos and thoughts from what you are currently viewing. - Evaluate and evaluate the book you have studied or receive book-lovers like you! - Speak English, French, Spain, Italy, German, Netherlands, Portugese, Brazilian Portugese, Turkey, Traditional China or Japan. It is a very good ebook-reading application, with simple browsing, good writing features, the possibility to adjust the lightness to different lighting situations, and a number of' theme' selections - colored backgrounds and text in either green, cuttlefish or plain text, according to the chosen backgrounds.

Use it to create memos (public or private) and view other readers' notations. And all this makes for a great iPad reading-enjoyment. There are also a number of stats about your readings - these combined your use of the application and the read you did on each Kobo eReader.

A critic complains that the application places the iPhone as one of the 3 most recently used apps in the iPad dashboard. That applies to all apps that are not always in the vault - the Kobo application is no different from other apps in this area. It disappears from the toolbar when it is no longer one of the 3 most recently used applications.

Loving the versatility of the Kobo Book application. obo is a very good reader application, simple to use and has a soft feeling for it. Like the statistics Dashboard, which shows your progression and the approximate remaining amount of work. I want to see the page numbers as an optional extra to show that I have x pages.

Salesman Kobo Inc. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock. Copyrights © 2016 Rakuten Kobo Inc.

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