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This is a book about the art of app icon design with icons by designers from all over the world. Posted by iconist Michael Flarup. This is a new app icon mockup! Vector icons in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS and ICON FONT. Complimentary flat book icon from Metro;

available in PNG, SVG and font.

The icon revolution

The digital look has forever evolved with the launch of the smartphone: The icon was one of the areas that would never be the same. Iconists have always had an important part to play in the graphical environment, but with the proliferation of touch-enabled appliances and the advent of apps - Iconist's comparative expertise in niches skyrocketed in popularity.

In addition to the fact that the designer now had to think more about the icon within the app, the icon layout was also highlighted in the App Store and on the home screen in the shape of app-icon. Those shining dots on our gadgets became our links to the electronic life we lived.

Humans organize their icon on their device and have fierce debates when a favorite app changes its icon. There has never been a time when the icon was so important to so many peoples. And the App evolution was also the icon evolution. Much more than in the past, the app icon has been entrusted with the task of compensating for a number of tasks.

An app icon should be a scaleable theme that works in the environment of the plattform and remains readable by different sizing. An app icon should be a good presentation of the good quality products the users can have. An app icon should be an attractive and catchy trademark that works in many different environments, both on and off the platforms.

This was a gold era of icon designing.

Upgrading to PRO?

This is a new app icon mock-up! In this case I will make a 1024×1024 pixel book for you. A write-up is necessary for free articles. To purchase a non-attribution licence, please become a member or purchase the full one. They may not sell this kit on other sites or make it available for downloading.

On-going supports, upgrades, commercial licenses and more.

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