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Name of book and writer

Well-known books, novels, famous autobiography and their authors / writers. for his screenplay for the film of the same name. Book name, author. Tales from then and now, Deepti Naval. Yeah, the story you're quoting is the first one in the book.

Well-known Business Writers | List of Business Writers

This is a book of renowned economic experts and economists who have published important works on the economic and social life. It lists all kinds of corporate and theoretical experts, as well as those who have contributed to the areas of sales, production, management, operation and QA. Designed to help long-time and novice users alike find (and rediscover) some of the best writing professionals of all times, from renowned writing professionals to senior managers and theatremakers.

So what's the best book on science in the whole wide universe?

Hey. It' huge. I' m assuming you need a book on general physic. The Feynman Lectures in Physik Volumes 1, 2 and 3. They' re designed for those who want to learn to understand every line of the textbook. It' a huge playlist. Please feel free to write a review if you would like to get to know a book for a specific area.

There are three volumes for me that deal best with the subject of physical science, provided they are studied with the intent of "knowing" and not as a guideline for preparing for examinations that cover certain fixed curricula. for the entertainment of Yakov Perelman. It is probably the first book on physicism I have ever been reading and has been an important part of my interest in it.

Seventeen Best India Fiction and Travellers

There' s such a plethora of information for travelers travelling to India, it is often difficult to know where to begin. This flickering adventure story, based on the writer's own personal story in the Mumbai slum, is one of the few titles that captures the overwhelming multisensory adventure of life in India.

The Man Booker Award laureate plays in the federal state of Kerala in South India, away from the glamor of Deli and Mumbai. An intriguing non-fiction book that recounts the tales of nine Indians of different faiths. Rushdie's Man Booker's award-winning novel plays against the background of the division of India and uses a dosage of magic reality to tell the tale of a young man who was just about to be reborn when India became free from Britain's reign in 1947.

The bestseller in India follows two MBA undergraduates from different cultures who marry against the will of their mothers. This 1,349-page novel is probably not for your briefcase - but it is one of the most celebrated plays about India. More like a novel the book follows various characters, among them his Sikh hostess, Raj English Raj and dancer eunuchs.

This book, which has been published by a young American woman who lived in Mumbai during her stay, focuses on one of the largest slum areas in the town and follows everyone, from the young throw pick-pocket to the slum lord and a woman undergraduate. In 2014, the book was translated into a theatre piece by David Hare. This 1940 novel looks back on Delhi in the 1910s and paints a lively image of the Muslims who lived in ancient Delhi during this period.

In the run-up to the division of India, Singh Baldwin's first novel follows the destiny of two wives that have been wedded to the same man. Gregory David Roberts' Roberts' Shutaram is a lively intro to India for an exciting suspense story that you want to keep up all doomsday.

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