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Here is an example (also from the article "The Secret Lion") how this works. Litratical Analysis Example and Outline Free Essay Template. In this lesson you will learn how to write a literary analysis that examines one or two elements of a literary text. One literary analysis essay example and more. The Martians, for example, who are further away from the sun than the Earth.

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It is a place where men have the chance to get together and struggle as a way of relieving stressful and problematic people. That these men, who are part of the fighting team, are meeting in secret to battle shows the great wish for a kick these men have.

This, combined with secrecy, makes the fighting team a very attractive place, as it is a male resource, and only a few of them. Tyler and his mate use the fighting team as a way to help men overcrowd. Fighting clubs are institutions that want to give back the manhood of men in our societies.

This is an institute that serves exclusively to support men in the community in recovering their manhood and to reduce stress. In the novel Fight Club, the company is presented as very feministic. Tyler Durden's person and personality appear as a chevalier, in shiny armour, willing to protect the masculine race from further unmasculinity and feminisation.

Tyler Durden and a new friend is formed, which makes the fighting team. Shortly after their encounter, the two men evolve the fighting team, in which the men can free themselves from their problems and concerns. Tyler Durden's nature is very important in recruiting men for the Battle Group.

His ability to stay a "true man", brought up by a genuine paternal character, is the reason for his sympathy among people. To Tyler, he claims to be what every man wants to be when he says, "I look like you want to look, I... how you want to look... I am clever, able, and above all I am free in all things that you are not.

Fighting society acts as a fall guy on which all men can get their worries out of the way. That a large number of men are prepared to engage each other, not for a particular cause, but just to free themselves from their annoyance and annoyance, shows the charming character of the fighting team.

Many men are attracted to the fighting team, especially because it gives them the chance to really be men. The appeal to the inherent wish of every man to show his manhood is a key factor in the fighting club's overall victory. As Tyler asks: "How much can you know about yourself if you have never been in a fight", he calls on the men to recognize their male self - and this is only possible through a struggle (Palahniuk, 77).

A lot of men are willing to join a society where they can get injured or injured slightly so that they can act as true men. Every man's wish to participate in actions that increase his manhood, however perilous, speaks to many of the men in the team.

Struggling for battle's sake brings many a man into the team. Necessity to lead a battle that has no special motivation is fun for the men in the combat team. Many Men are also attracted to the combat team, as it offers them the possibility to oppress the feminity conveyed to them by the community.

The tyler and the storyteller say: "Heyyyyyyy du komin to combat night clubs? it' gonna be great fighty... heyhey be around I need a trip to battle club" (Palahniuk, 45). That men may struggle for their own well-being alone has been a decoy for a company of men who long to see manliness in its crude state.

There is another advantage to fighting this opportunity: the possibility to reach the top. Besides letting themselves go, the men in the fighting team have the chances to prevail against their opponents. Though the battles are not aggressive inĂ½nature, the character of men to contest each other attracts many men into the combat team.

Admitted to the fighting team, many men have the possibility to discard their female line. Tyler's nature is the basis on which manhood is assessed, and the need for men to recognize this nature is driving many of them into the Battle Group. When they join the combat team, these men have the possibility to struggle for fun and participate in other devastating activities such as Project Chaos.

Many men connect when the storyteller says: "I wanted to ruin everything that I would never have" and take the chance to join the project Chaos (Palahniuk, 70). This is the case when Tyler says: "Perhaps self-improvement is not the response, perhaps self-destruction is the one. A struggle that can break her is the keys to freeing her from all her concerns.

Footstepping in Tyler's steps, many men believe that following Tyler's directions and doing according to Tyler's directions will finally turn them into Tyler. Although these men don't really know anything new, they see the fighting team as a way to teach them how to be a man.

Most of these men are looking for the possibility to "learn" and to show their manhood to their teammates in the team. First and foremost, this window of manhood is in charge of retaining the men as faithful members of the team. He is also in charge of the battle club's dramatic expansion into a nationwide association.

In Many men look for a way to show their male character. It is this wish to be the "real men" that they think they should be that makes many of these men join the fighting team. It is this dullness with the world that is playing a pivotal part in the daily routine of many of the men who join the fighting team.

Many men are drawn to the fighting team by the wish to get away from it all. And Tyler says,"...... Get in a fistfight. Striving for adrenaline like no other is very attractive for the men who join the team. Moreover, the possibility of connecting with a model of manhood (Tyler) is too good to do without.

That still draws a lot of men into the Battle Group. The is an institute that is highly respected in the life of many men in the novel. That the association gives men the opportunity to be in their real form without remorse is the reason for the great sympathy of the association among men.

It is the opportunity to relieve stress and worry through a good struggle that is the reason for the ritual succession that the association gets from men. Fighting society gives men exactly what they want. It'?s just not working.

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