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Brand & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. The work of Brandt & Hochman Literature Agents, Inc. represents the interests of authors throughout much of the twentieth centuries and will be continued in this era of digitization. Our goal is to offer our selected customers all the benefits of our knowledge and skills in designing their authoring project, drafting their agreements and raising their profile around the globe.

Established by Carl Brandt as an addition to the dramatic arts and design studio Mary Kirkpatrick around 1913, the best-selling writers of that period were among the agency's initial clientele. As a result of a number of members of the Carl Brandt families, which culminated in Carl Brandt's Carl D. Brandt as the company's second generation, Brandt & Brandt Literature Agents, Inc.

Gail Hochman became Chairman of Brandt & Hochman Literature Agents, Inc. in 2001. Currently, our team of veteran and junior agent developers serves a broad range of authors in a variety of disciplines, from literature and memoirs to mysteries and thrillers, history/biography, narratives, non-fiction and children's work.

Vikky Bijur Frahlingur

After working at Oxford University Press and Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agencies, Vicky Bijur founded her own studio in 1988. It is a representation of the fictional and non-fiction. She is a uf der New York Times Bestsellerliste, in den New York Times Notable and Los Angeles Times Best Film of the Year, Washington Post Book World Rave Reviews of the Year und für den L.A. Times Book Award sowie den National Book Critics Circle Award nominiert.

Edgar Prizes have been awarded to three of her enigmatic authors. She was the Chairwoman of the Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR), the only organisation of literature and drama in North America. She has been featured in Poets & Wilriters and Literature Agents: She' s been cited in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and Entertainment Weekly.

You hear them on Writers on Writing here, here and here. She is currently receiving entries for literature and female literature. She' not the right agency for sci-fi, phantasy, romance or self-help. After an internship and assistantship at Writers House, HSG Agency, Brandt & Hochman Literature Agents and Scholastic's Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, Alexandra Franklin came to Frahlingur Vicky Bijur.

Enjoying real ist, sophisticated and fictional literature, she is attracted by captivating, lively vocals and compelling but likeable people. Of particular interest are made-up books, literature-thriller, and coming-of-age-books. As we did on Facebook at the Frahlingur Vicky Bijur.

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