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Vickýcký was profiled in Poets & Writers and Literary Agents: Website of Malaga Baldi, Frahlingin and owner of the agency Baldi in New York City. Ever since its foundation, the company has been representing several best-selling author, careers writer and professionals.

Ever since it was founded, the company has been representing several best-selling novelist, careers writer and professionals. Besides new and newly released articles, the company also protects the copyrights of publishing houses and bequests. It is an independant full-service agent with a strong distribution of related privileges and partner agencies all over the globe.

It is a Mitglied der Association of Authorhors Representatives, angeschlossenes Mitglied der Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's of America und assoziiertes Mitglied der Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, The Romance Writers of America und der Mystery Writers of America. Developing a critical e-book store with the capability to directly distribute eBooks to the reader has opened up enormous new possibilities for them.

I would like to introduce you to the new services the company has developed for its customers, please see my introductory section for further information. We represent a wide range of literature and non-fiction and are currently looking for customers.

The Manhattan Frahlinguren move to Brooklyn

As David Black thought about relocating his 21-year-old wife to a new location this past sommer, he had a gnawing worry: the East Rivier. Mr. Black, 51, has brought his Frahlingur to Brooklyn, a step across the flow that few Frahlingen in the Manhattan-centered publisher business have made.

Its nine-member office, representing heavyweights such as Mitch Albom, Jimmy Breslin and Erik Larson, settled opposite Borough Hall in July in downtown Brooklyn. Mr. Black has teamed up with several other Manhattan refugee organizations, along with small retail agents established in Brooklyn, not to speak of the many authors, new independant bookshops and small but prestigious publishing houses located there.

Today Brooklyn has enough authors and editors to inspired a Brooklyn Literary 100 in The New York Observer or Manhattan's Left Bank in The Economist. In 1990, when Mr. Black started his own business, he found offices near Madison Square and later on, moving a few units to the city centre, where even more editors and agents had left.

His Manhattan rental contract expired in late June, so he started looking for offices in Brooklyn, just a brief stroll from his home in Cobble Hill. Renting a skyscraper in Downtown Brooklyn was a little cheaper than in Manhattan. Up to now, the additional removal of Manhattan has not affected its customers, many of whom already reside outside New York.

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