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You can download the latest version of the official Blogger app and start blogging on the go. Do you want to read all your favorite websites and blogs on the go? This app gives my blogs a very clean and professional look. Practical tools for bloggers and authors to write more. Breathtaking transcription and writing application for the Mac.

The best blogs for Mac every blogger should use: 2018

I' m a big supporter of desk top blogs that can help me improve my workload. My preference is to work with desktops rather than on-line, because I can also work with desktops without the need for the web. I' m opening at least 10-15 tab s and I forget to write! I' ve put together this is the best Mac-Blogs.

All these are applications I am currently using, and you should also consider using them to improve your overall efficiency. What I particularly like is the function that allows you to store the design in your iCloud diskette. iCloud lets you work on your design from your iPhone or iPad. The new blogger can be integrated with all important blogs platforms such as WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr and Typepad (to name but a few).

It is a writing and blogs application that I strongly suggest you and all other writers/bloggers on Mac OS. It is an application you will enjoy when you blog on the WordPress plattform. Only WordPress is supported in the latest release, but the Blogo staff has pledged to sponsor Tumblr and BlogSpot soon.

Blogo lets you type off-line and share directly from your desk. It is also possible to include pictures, apply a tagged picture and create a pre-publication video of your work. Capturing screen shots is part of our daily blog work and we need to modify the picture and change its size before posting it to our blog.

I have been using Snag It for two years. A full-featured Mac image-editing application that takes charge of all your imaging needs. Watch the above movie to see how I use Snag It. Good contribution is uncompleted without a good picture.

However, before you attach an item to your picture, you must zip it to make it smaller. Smaller the picture file sizes, the quicker your blog posting will be loaded. Suppose a posting took more than 10 seconds to download, would you have waited that long?

The ImageOptim is a free Mac picture compressing utility I've been talking about before. Just dragging the picture to the ImageOptim working area will-compress it. Videblogging is now an important part of blogs and it is important that you make movies for your blog.

When you make a whiteboard movie, you can use your broadband or even smartphone cameras. However, if you want to make a movie like the one above (screencasts), you need a movie application that allows you to record, manipulate and share your own screens.

The Camtasia is the best available Mac application for every webmaker. It is a truly indispensable Mac application for blogging videos. Several FTP applications are available for Mac, and I will suggest two of them: One of these FTP utilities can be used and both work great.

Store your FTP credentials in the utility for even greater efficiency. This will scan all of your blog's hyperlinks and show you which ones are corrupt. Best of all, it works with any blogsystem. When you are on WordPress, you can always use a corrupt site checcker, but if you have a large site, the corrupted site checcker could freeze your hosted site.

WorldPress launches an offical Mac application that works for WordPress. com blog or self-hosted WordPress blog with the Jetpack-plug-in. WorldPress for desktop will be coming soon to Windows & other OS. This is a short listing of other Mac applications I use for daily blogging: Above is an indispensable set of weblogging applications for your Mac.

I would like to know more about using other blogs on your Mac OS to help you blog.

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