Blink Book Review

Blink Book Review

Blinink has many of the same attributes as his predecessor (it's the follow-up book the publisher was looking for), but since it's a less novel idea, its weaknesses are more visible. Here you will find helpful customer reviews and evaluations for Blink: Note: This book was discussed by my husband Jim. The way I respond to Gladwell's Blink is similar to my wife's response to his earlier book Outlier - Gladwell is willing to distort the facts of any situation to fit his hypotheses. When Gottman hears contempt, then "blinks", he knows what will happen.

Observers' report: Malcolm Gladwell's Blink | Literature

What happens is not an immediate blast of power and information that flash down the neuronal traces to burst into the dozy centers of the brains, but a fast and automated mixing of the collected experiences. The unasked automated department was described by Timothy D. Wilson as'adaptive unconscious'. The Malcolm Gladwell point in Blink is that it can be coached.

Results from user hospitals, focal groups, blank tasting sessions and fashions shows are determined by quick responses from panelists and reviewers. There' are times in Blink when Gladwell seems to be taken by surprise. The introductory article is about the purchase of a Grecian Kouro by the Getty Museum, which turned out to be what the catalog today describes as "about 530 BC or contemporary forgery".

Others also had misgivings, but that's what the connoisseur is all about: learned tastes that promote discerning judgement. Blinink is telling more tales about the first impression. The results of those who were shown mute films by teachers, who were asked to judge the teacher's proficiency solely on the basis of appearance, were in close agreement with the assessments on the basis of wider criterions.

One Gladwell coin is the "Warren Harding Error", a president who was chosen for his beautiful looks and turned out to be a full size turkey. It seems amazing to Gladwell that a shrink can forecast the outcome of a wedding from video, in which a women goes through the full non-verbal terminology of condemnation when faced with her partner.

He is one of a new breed of US writers who alternate between literary criticism, culture commentaries, self-help, how to market, cerebral functions, economics and foresight. Gladwell's fame was built five years ago with a book entitled The Tipping Point about how whispers of brands can change the reputations of people.

This Gladwell termed "idea epidemics", an imprint that remained. This was a nice thought and a well-deserved achievement; the name has now also been translated into the economic world. The Gladwell brand has a good feel for the high-quality brand strategy. Blink's thin slipping, Gladwell's notion of this capacity to make a quick judgement about a small amount of datas.

Blinink has many of the same characteristics as his previous book (it's the follow-up the editor was looking for), but since it's a less innovative concept, its shortcomings are more apparent. In America Gladwell gets a very good media because he is a good hairdresser, but here his Prosa tears.

I just made that up, but you understand. However, the big mistake in Blink is that there is no elaborate case, just a sequence of more or less interesting Ankdoten. Readers remain unsure whether fast judgements should necessarily take precedence over those that are not. Gladwell's entire literary and scholarly traditions, for example.

Nevertheless, if Gladwell's theory is correct, you will buy the book.

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