Blank Book Template

Empty book template

The brochures I use in my writing center, but I only had blank paper for the cover. Empty PSD book template from Drew Wilson. A printable empty book template for literary reaction and storybook writing. Empty book cover stencil on white background with soft shadows. This is a handy set of templates that your children can use to create their own little mini-books.


Monday my children received a comprehensive minibook theme and a simple crenel text for copying and closing. As I began this action, I walked with themes like My braggart, which provided the gap text, "I can __________________". When we reached the last curve at the end of May and beginning of June, the children got harder subjects like My Verbs Book with the gap text "I know __________________ is a verb".

They were always looking forward to this ward..... they were so proud to be an author:). I' ve provided you with a book page and booklet. One' is simpler (perfect for children) and the other is a little longer (a funny first grader write action.... and lets my children run without gaps this year).

Please find below a detailled route description and the patterns. Copy-and-crop a header page record. Copying a book page template book style sheet (back to back) and folding down the middle. Make sure you show them which page to begin on.... remember them how to open a book.

Post your gap text to the forum and have a conversation on the subject of your choice. It is up to you to decide to debate a subject if you teach first. It can be written as a whole group or in a small group. While the students are completing each set of gap text (or each page), they are illustrating it.

Once all four pages are finished, affix a building wrap to the front of each textbook. Luckily I had a book folder (thanks again to Carol), so my building papers wound around her pages like a booklet. Let your pupils stick an envelope page (see picture above) on the front of the book.

Here the children type the name in the text and add their name in the line of authors. Eventually they are illustrating their camouflage.

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