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Baraka, known for his social criticism and incendiary style, explored the wrath of black Americans and championed scientific socialism. Latest tweets from Black Writers (@BlackWriters). From feminism to science fiction, here are nine great African American writers you probably didn't read in class, but should definitely try out now:...

Teacher and writer.

Well-known black writers

It is the renowned afroamerican writers who have unafraidly explored culture stigmata, provided insight into personalities, presented new concepts, and produced noteworthy fictions through literature. These men and woman have won Pulitzer Prizes, NAACP Prizes, and even Nobel Prizes for their predictive ingenuity. Toni Morrison, who has described in detail the lifestyles of black personalities struggling with identities in the midst of race and animosity, Langston Hughes, a Harlem Renaissance pioneer, and Maya Angelou, who has described eloquent epochs of her own existence through her auto-biographies, are among our leading contemporary writers.

And Maya Angelou was a celebrated and prizewinning poetic artist, known for her celebrated memoirs "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" and her extensive collection of poems and essays. The groundbreaking African-American playwright Richard Wright is best known for his classical Black Boy and Native Son music. Anthologist and playwright Zora Neale Hurston was an integral part of the Harlem Renaissance before she wrote her masterpiece "Their Éyes watching God".

Alice Walker is a Pulitzer Prize winner, African-American writer and writer who is best known for the author of "The Color Purple". Phillis Wheatley was abducted from West Africa and slaved in Boston and was the first Afroamerican and one of the first female to published a volume of poems in the 1773 Kolonien.

Dramatic and actress Lorraine Hansberry has written A Rosisin in the Sun and was the first black dramatist and the youngest US to receive a New York Critics' Circle Awards. August Wilson, an African-American dramatist, won a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Prize for his piece Fences and received a second Pulitzer Prize for The Piano Lesson.

Tony Morrison is an Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winner from the United States. James Baldwin was an essayer, dramatist, writer as well as vote of the US civil rights organization, known for works such as "Notes of a native Son", "Nobody Knows my name" and "The Fire next time". Famous for works such as "Kindred" and the Parable range, she was the first sci-fi author to be awarded a "Genie" scholarship from the MacArthur Foundation.

W.E.B. Du Bois was one of the most important African-American militants in the first half of the twentieth centuries. It was Lucy Terry Prince who was a famous speaker of the eighteenth centuries and who was also the first known African-American writer. Longston Hughes was an African writer, dramatist, and writer whose African-American subjects made him one of the main protagonists of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s.

The author Count Cullen was an icon of the Harlem Renaissance, known for his poems, fictions and theatre pieces. Author Rita Dové was the youngest and the first Afro-American to be named Poet Laureate Advisor by the Library of Congress. And she also won the Pulitzer for her Thomas and Beulah work.

Wilson is best known as the first African-American writer. Maynard was a reporter and editor who was best known for being the first Africa Turk to own and print a large Tribune. The top sell African-American writer Terry McMillan has written Wailing to Exhale and How Stella Got her Groove Back.

McKay was a well-known writer of poetry and novel, among them "If We Must Die", which helped to revive the Harlem era. Weldon Johnson was an early NAACP citizen right campaigner, a NAACP chief, and a prominent character in the emergence and evolution of the Harlem Renaissance.

Nikki Giovanni's poetry helps us redefine the afroamerican voices of the sixties, seventies and beyond. It was also an important power in the Black Arts group.

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