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The Phoenix-based publisher is the largest African-American publisher of self-help books and music biographies. The oldest and largest black publishing house in Chicago, Illinois. He is the editor of the magazines "Ebony" and "Jet".

MaineMainstream American Publishers Launch a Large Number of Imprints Focusing on Black Literature

Since this site was founded in 2000, the publishing industry has undergone major changes. Big Six publishing houses (now "Big Five" with the 2013 Penguin and Randonhouse merger) have further increased their investments in black book publishing by introducing multiple reprints under the leadership of Black Editor. Many well-known Afroamerican writers found it more and more hard to publish new works.

The black press and other experts in the major publishing companies began to loose their job. A number of peer-reviewed publishing companies, such as Akashic-B├╝cher, took up the recession by publishing gifted authors such as Elizabeth Nunez, Bernice McFadden, Colin Channer and Preston L. Allen. Reducing the number of Black-owned bookshops, web sites and printed materials that provided a platform for Black Boooks has, however, severely limited the exposure of available titles.

As a result, it seemed that less good works were released. Nowadays Amazon is selling the overwhelming bulk of the new black book and more than 2/3 of the most beloved ones among Black Americans are issued by only 3 people. This all helps to make the black book setting more demanding than in the last 15 years.

NY (September 21, 2006)-VIBE Media Group and Kensington Publishing today announces the purchase of the first VIBE Street Lit-franchised song, DaTh Around the Corner, by the famous racpper C-Murder. MTV/Pocket Books has launched G-Unit Books, Hip Hops Stars 50 Cent's new series. In the summer of 2006 Roy Glenn Associate publishers of Urban Books will present Urban Soul.

Nikki Turner Book Line - Nikki Turner Presents "...Nikki Turner Presents, a series of street fi lm songs by new and inventive composers. From 2007, the line will be publishing two to three volumes a year. He is joined by a number of major publishing companies such as Zane (with Strebor at Simon & Shuster) and Carl Weber (Urban Blocks at Kensington).

" "There are two fundamental ways to publishing, i. e. publishing a self-publishing and publishing from Africa-America. Is when you send your work to a publisher to have it public. Self publishing is when you choose to publishe your own work.

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