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To be a black girl who loves poetry has always been a challenge for me. Twenty black writers you should know (and love) The Academy of American Poets named April National Poetry Month in 1996 to mark the wealth of US poetry. There are 20 black Americans here in his honour who have shown excellence in their arts and ministry to the people. Brooks, the Illinois writer, was the first female writer to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for her second poetry compilation, Annie Allen.

Their sharp insights and music make her work a must read for today's poetry student. Its name became a synonym for the Harlem Renaissance, and its work was the inspiration of future black writers. Unapologetically Lorde is also known for her poems and etchings. As a Pulitzer Prize recipient and the country's first black writer, Doves skillfully interweaves themes that are both private and politics.

As a journalist and teacher, she still shapes the discussion about contemporary poetry. It was this fellowship of authors that gave a vote to the next generations of black US poet. Established almost 30 years ago in Boston by Thomas Sayers Ellis, Sharan Strange and Janice Lowe, who have devoted themselves to the care and support of black music.

He became Major Jackson, Carl Phillips, Tisa Bryant and Kevin Young, along with Pulitzer Prize laureates Tracy K. Smith and Natasha Tretheway, who was also honoured as a writer of the United States. He has won the National Book Award, was once a Maryland Poets' Prize winner and received two Pulitzer Prize nominees.

Like Audre Lorde, Jordan's policy of bringing truths to life through creativity has been marked by essay, poem and story. Lorde, the foundress of Poetry for the People, has inspired the student since her demise in 2002. The Brooklyn, N.Y. founded Cornelius Eady and Toi Derricotte, an organisation that shows the splendour of black music.

Over the last two centuries, Eady and Derricotte have provided a secure home for black writers who are often marginalised in conventional literature to feed each other. Rankine, a razor-sharp mind that reinvents the lyrical poetry and the use of documentation in poetry, often turns an eye to the subtleties of macro and micro aggression in the United States.

Your latest one, Citizen: To American Lyric, was a finaleist for the National Buch Award and won the National Reserve Critics Circle Award. Finney, who won the National Books Award for her fifth volume of poetry, Head Off & Split, is also an impressive teacher and tutor for young poet.

The first of many volumes of poetry Walker composed when she was a seniors at Sarah Lawrence College. He is Chancellor Professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Editor-in-Chief of the famous literature magazine Prairie Schooner. Through his work with the Calabash International Literature Festival, Cave Canem and the African Poetry Book Fund, he strengthens the next wave of black poetry.

Giovanni is a Black Arts Movement celebrity and one of America's best-selling poet. With the foundation of the NikTom Ltd. publisher, she remunerated to support women African-American authors and to inspire young poet by means of lessons and available, vibrant verses. More inspiring than literature, Angelou's work has made afroamerican poetry more popular than any other.

Sanchez, the writer of 18 volumes of poetry, has had an illuminated literary careers. She was also significantly involved in the introduction of black degree programmes into the curriculum of universities in the 70s, which we now take for granted. 3. Grimké's poetry, essay, stories and theatre pieces made her a key character of the Harlem Renaissance. Their work often shed light on the despairing circumstances of black people.

Jones last year released his first full-length poetry collection, the Critics' Celebrated Prelude to Bruise. Cane, his masterpiece, is a reflection on the black US adventure, inspiring his returning to the South after the migrations of his extended household to the South. There Toomer experienced lynch law and other racist acts and lively expressions of their horror in his poems.

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