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Alphabeticalistes afro-américains Liste des agents de livres Browse below to find out more about Negro Books such as Faith Hampton Childs with Faith Childs Literature Agency, Regina Brooks with Serendipity Literature Agency, Martha Millard with Sterling Lord Literistic and Susan Ginsburg with Writers House. She is interested in several non-fiction books, but also in business and literature.

Frahlingur's biggest African-American subsidiary is the Serendipity Literature Agency, LLC, in New York. Established by Regina Brooks, the company strives to purchase books from colourists, as well as those of colourful writers, all over the underworld. Before becoming an operative, she served in executive editing roles at John Wiley and Sons and McGraw-Hill.

Writer's Digest Magazin ranked Serendipity among the top 25 Frahlinguren. Fuse Literature, L. Perkins Agency, Red Sofa Literature und Serendipity Literature Agency. Thirteen of the 22 operatives are accepting requests by e-mail. Seven of the 22 operatives answer post. Nine of the 22 agent accepts requests via on-line form on their website.

Fifteen of the 22 operatives are on Twitter. Seven of the 22 operatives are on Facebook. Sixteen of the 22 operatives are on LinkedIn. Twenty-one of the 22 operatives are accepting requests for literature. Of the 22, 19 take requests for non-fiction work. Eighteen of the 22 operatives are taking requests for children's literature.

The use of the register is free of cost. Others are often frahlingen list and list of frahlings are often fragmentary, obsolete and full of errors. With more than 1,000 frahlings in the index, you can browse by place, genre, AAR-state and more. Ensure that the information you use is accurate before sending a request for information to a scapegoat.

The majority of Frahlinguren listings and folders in printed and on-line are not correctly updated.


Founded in 2014, we are a full-service brokerage firm representing award-winning journalist, academic, novelist, illustrator, children's writer and author of all kinds of literature and non-fiction. My clients include award-winning NY Times publications, award-winning child literature and bestsellers. Grown up all over Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and the USA, I found my home in writing that deals with the mess of life and distills it into stories that make us more wise and people because we have been reading them.

My accounts are the embodiment of this ethic. To help make a book come true, I started working in the field of publication right after graduation, and while my professional names have been changing, I have never abandoned this work. Beginning as an editorial journalist, I developed my passion for open, idea-oriented non-fiction with the strength to transcend cultural boundaries.

My next job was as a scouts, who represented international publishing houses and Hollywood-productions. I have been a frahling for sixteen years and help writers to awaken their own idea and find their audiences. My experience in various areas of the business allows me to take a holistic approach to the relation between agents and writers.

On the whole, I am working to help writers develop a careers for their work. I' m looking for a story and personality determined destiny that captivates with a powerful singer. I' m also passionate about graphical novel writing, be it for grown-ups or young people. My children's literature ranges from storybook, chapters and reading medieval literature to young people.

I have an MA in Arts Ethropology and a course on writing for children in the City College Publishers Certificate Program. Mr. McIntyre began his publisher careers in 2002 at Mary Evans Inc. where he became agents and directors of international law before opening his own office in 2010.

Representing an exlectic listing of literature and non-fiction, he is interested in intelligent, fun, useful literature of all types, especially literature and multi-cultural literature, storytelling non-fiction, popular art, sport, science, literature, musical works, humour and graphical novel.

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