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to have Regina Brooks as my literary agent forever. He' black and gay in church. operatives to have Regina Brooks as my literary operative. Your brokerage firm is the biggest Afro-American brokerage firm in the state and has built and maintained a broad range of award-winning customers in the fields of adults' and young people's books, non-fiction and children's music. Publishers Weekly named Regina Brooks as a PW Star Watch finalist in 2015 and won a Stevie Business Awards.

She was the first AfroAmerican female to earn a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Ohio State University. She' s the writer of Essence Magazine' s fast click children's novel, NEVER FINISHED NEVER DONE (Scholastic), NEVER FIREATING NEVER DONE (Sourcebooks), and YOU SHOULD REALLY RERITE A BOOK:

He is also on the Harvard University Harvard Writers MFA, Western Connecticut MFA Low Research Programme, Writer's Digest University and lectures at more than twenty academic meetings each year. It has been featured in several domestic and foreign journals and journals, such as Publishers Weekly, Forbes, Media Bistro, Writers and Poets, Essence Magazine, Ebony, Jet, Women on Writing, Writer's Digest Magazine, The Writer, The Network Journal and Rolling Out.

Elected Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women, she won the New York Urban League Rising Star Award and was a Stevie? Award for Women Entrepreneurs finals. She has been short-listed in The Guide to Literary Agents and the NAACP nomination Down to Business:

First 10 easy footsteps for entrepreneurs on how to create a platform and Bill Duke's Dark Girls. Brooks teamed up with Marie Brown, Marie Brown and Associates, and Marva Allen of Hue Man Bookstore in November 2010 to found a new publisher with Johnny Temples Akashic Books named Open Lens.

In addition, Possibiliteas is the idea of Regina Brooks, who thought the oldest performance-enhancing drink in the word, teas, could have a positive effect on her customers - authors, performers and other creatives looking for fuels to power their work. An aviator and co-founder of Brooklyn Aviation, she is a member of the Association of Author Representatives and New York Women in Film and Television.

Ms. Brooks is the founding and co-executive director of the Y.B. Literary Foundation, Inc. wwww.ybliterary. org), a non-profit organisation that arouses a love for writing among pupils and an esteem for the potential and potential of it. Ebony named Dawn Michelle Hardy a "literary lobbyist" because she helps writers get to their readers through strategy advertising, winning prizes and attracting the interest of domestic and newsmedia.

There are two parts in the publishers' business, both as a journalist and a frahling. Ms. Becker established Dream Relations, PR & Literary Consulting Agency in 2004. Serendipity' customers are Jean McGianni Celestin, co-author of the forthcoming Nat Turner Biopics The Birth of a Nation, Kent Babb, Washington Post journalist and PEN Literary Award finisher for Not a Game:

He' black and gay in church. She works as a journalist with both literature and non-fiction writers, among them New York Times bestselling writer D. Watkins, the Beastside: The Beastside: The New Yorker, Tia Williams, former beautician and writer of The Perfect Find and Clint Smith, award-winning writer, Ted Talk spokeswoman and New Yorker collaborator, and many more.

Noisy millennia, females and multi-cultural voices who want to improve the way the word is written. Having represented customers in court for more than 7 years, Nadeen Gayle contributes her enthusiasm for representational and voice promotion to the publication of the work. Nadeen's work with kids and adults is reflected in her double interest in YA and adults.

She had a passion for fun and medias and worked as a commercial artist at Court TV during its high time. Furthermore, her Boot Camp at Congressional Black Caucus encouraged her interest in the policy and deals behind the deed. Nadeen has developed her skills in the study of writing, education and legal practice to see the full range of perspectives for your projects, from telling stories to marketers.

Your vocabulary abilities are well translated into agents. If she is not an agency, she develops and coordinates activities for many organisations such as Delta Sigma Theta, Girl Scouts or the aluminium organisation of her university. She has more than a dozen years of working experiences in books publishers, among others as an editor at Amistad/HarperCollins and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and as an agency for Curtis Brown Ltd.

With Amistad she was part of a New York Times bestselling crew that released many, among them The Pursuit of Happyness, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Konfessions of a Video Vixen. Before joining Buchverlag, she worked as a reporter and wrote for a number of journals and papers.

Graduated from Oberlin College and the Columbia Publishing Course. She is particularly interested in literary novels, thrillers and narratives in the fields of popular art, sport, current affairs and memoirs. She has a degree in English language and literary and sociology and specializes in the fields of projectmanagement and editing skills.

A literary assistant to President and lead agent Regina Brooks, she examines and assesses prospective ventures - always on standby for the one in a thousand books that can flourish in a fiercely contested market. It works in close cooperation with our agency's gifted customers and produces development and editing manuscript and proposal editing articles, which has supported the sales of several of our products to members of the Big Five publishers.

Currently she is looking for her own project with the aim of promoting creativeness and variety and bringing new, refreshing sounds to centres of business and literary power. The main interests of Jocquelle are young grown-up literature, which focuses on the subgenres imagination, sci-fi, magic realisticism and gruesome, and young mature works of all kinds, which investigate different experience.

She is particularly interested in literary and historic literature as well as novelistic anthropology.

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