Biggest Ebook Publishers

Largest Ebook Publishers

Getting Your Ebook Marketing And Book Promotion Goal When you own publishing e-books, where do you set up your ebook sales and promotional? The Rüdiger Wischenbart 2104 eBook Report contains some unexpected information about where e-books are loved and do well. It' s no wonder when you think that the US is by far the largest eBook industry, but if you focus your eBook advertising on British consumers, you can waste your precious resources and resources, as the UK accounts for only 3% of the world eBook-marketplace.

By far the biggest books industry in the whole of the United States of America, followed by China and only then by Germany, Japan, France and the United Kingdom. Together, the six biggest books stores make up around 60 per cent of the world's total volume of books published.

The Rüdiger Wischenbart Global eBook Report 2104 comprises approx. 160 pages and deals with the e-book industry in general and a long country roll. One of the things this comprehensive ebook review clearly indicates, however, is that if you are a self-published writer and are trying to commercialize and further your e-books, then perhaps you should look closely at where and how you are promoting your e-books.

Does Amazon Kindle US become the only eBook merchant you need? Mine first thought after rereading this was to drastically cut down my ebook in the UK, as of the dates in this review, ebook Sales are minimum, and in fact, have completely flattened in the UK. You might also conclude that unless you're publishing in Mandarin, English e-books have the best chances of succeeding in the US and on Amazon Kindle.

Both of the following diagrams from the document speak for themselves. As ebook revenues grow, in addition to 67% equity, is it even worth considering aiming at other stores or using other merchants other than Amazon Kindle US? Whilst I have only taken a few short points from this very long and detailled review, I would strongly advise you to take a look at some of the results in relation to e-books.

This can help you determine how best to sell and support your own e-books. However, please keep in mind well that the stats in this review should be viewed with an open mindset, as ebook selling information is not easily accessible by publishers or merchants, and especially Amazon, who never release such it.

That is how much of the information in this review should be considered best estimate.

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