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Kindness-issue by Thomas Nelson. Ignite Religion & Spirituality eBooks

I' ve been downloading some other Bibles because I've written a religious script. Now to the recurrent complain of not being familiar with the textbook you are in and having trouble finding it..... At first I was disappointed because I didn't know which one I was in. As you opened this scrollable, foldable TOC, it was on the notebook and section you were in, and the box with the section number on it was easier than the other.

When you were to break down all the works, at the top of this TOC was a reference for the Old and New Testaments. If you also receive the desired textbook, you can click on it and it will be expanded to include all sections. There is no extension to the sections, but the links will take you directly to the beginning of this section.

The only thing that refers to this is the name of the books. Other TOCs have both section numbers and books name. It was very simple to browse through the TOC on the page and go from page to page.

Bible - The Holy Bible formatted for your e-Reader

It is a great Bible that is simple to use, the searching is simple, the index is great and the support is astonishing! I' ve had a tough period with the first update, even after I read the instructions (I don't know what really happen, but my Bible didn't index correctly - not the guilt of the ledgers, but one with the Kindle indexing), but I sent an email to the publishers and they answered very quickly and help me with my issue, although it wasn't a question with the ledgers, but with the Kindle itself.

There are many who complain that the quest doesn't work, I don't know if these guys read the first pages that open in the script, but if it's permitted to index correctly, the quest is laughably simple to use. But one of the things I like about it is the index, it shows all the titles and makes it simple to select the one I want.

It may be a bit of a confusion for some folks, but I had no difficulty understanding it. Large Bible, and if you want it to be simple to use, just have a look at the first pages about the use.

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