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While the AutoCorrect function of Microsoft Word annoys us, we have to admit that we miss these green and red squiggly lines when writing on the Internet. It can be used in both Microsoft Word and Outlook and is something like an English teacher standing over your shoulder suggesting changes and corrections to improve your writing. Any of these tools can help you become a better author. Would you like to improve your writing skills? Making the difference is the right app.

There are 9 utilities to help you become a better writer

When one of your 2017 objectives is to become a better or more common author, there are many ways you can get there. No matter whether you want to correct your vocabulary, get over writing blocks or post your texts in an anonymous way, here is something for you.

Merry writing! Telegram, the creators of the much-loved telegram message app (they have 100 million live users!) have developed this extremely easy publication in one. Most importantly, you do not need to login, so you can type from a technical point of view anonymous. It' ultra-light and you can post your thoughts under an anonymous name, a pen name or your own name.

It is the concept to make writing and dividing your thoughts really simple, but also to give you the possibility to divide what you think without adding your name to it. But if you want to exchange your thoughts with others and do so in an anonymous way, this may be a worthwhile way to do so. A lot of folks are swearing by Hemingway Editor, and once you use it, you will quickly see why.

The application will greatly enhance your writing, especially if you are inclined to be wordy. Better than that? It' possible to post what you are writing directly in Media or WordPress, making it simpler than ever to post your (clear and powerful) thoughts on the web. Corrects your contents while writing and helps you to prevent misspellings and grammatical errors.

If you want to create a writing habits, make a day-to-day writing target to keep up to date. Also, if you are a publishing author, you will enjoy the advanced search engine optimization utility that will help you improve your search results by alerting you to the addition of important key words.

That' comes as close as writing with pens and papers without actually writing on them. When you want to create quicker first designs, this utility will help you. And if you are ever in the midst of writing something, but you need to find a picture or movie shortcut, now you can spend in a place holder instead of 20 min search for the perfect picture or inadvertently go to a YouTube slot (hey, we all have done it).

You will also find synonyms that have been optimised in terms of their contents, which will help you to spell more clearly (say good-bye to repeated words in a single phrase or paragraph!). If, over the years, you want to become a better author, you will enjoy the detailled explanation that comes with each proposed proofread. Article is ideal for the author who likes a minimalistic, distraction-free screen.

Restricted formatters are displayed as you type whenever you need them - and stay out of your way when you don't need them. It' a great'Get your thoughts on paper' utility that works best with a lay-out program that lets you reformat your work when it is almost done.

When you like the ease of a Rough Draft but want more controls, try paragraphs. Designed to be easy, you select the length or number of words you want to type, and once the timers start, you can't stop until you are there.

For example, if you want to spell 300 words but stay for more than five seconds, your entire letter will be forever wasted. It was developed to "shut down your inner editors and bring them into a state of flux". Whatever your profession, improving your writing ability is always useful.

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