Better Reading better Writing

Read better write better

Reading more leads to better writing. If you want to write, reading is a must. You can maximize your reading by creating a book list and planning your reading for the year.

Of A Killer Reading Strategy That Will Make You a Better Writer

When you' re like most folks, you randomly jump from page to page..... The things you see from period to period and year to year are just not something you consider with caution. Maybe you went through a period without even looking at any of them. The Pew Research Center in 2014 said that nearly a fourth of Americans had not even finished the year.

However, if you call yourself a novelist and your aim is to become a better one, then do yourself a great service by not being insatiable and thoughtful in your read. How can we as authors become better readership? Here is my solution: schedule your readings. And, just in case you are sceptical, let me give you four brief motivations why you should make a books catalog and schedule your reading:

When you are planning your readings, you are sure to be able to read more than last year. If you take the liberty of choosing twenty to fifty volumes that you really want to study, it will make for suspense and expectation. This way you will be able to enjoy more of your precious work! Occasionally, when I choose my next available volume to study, I look around the home and see what's available.

That' s not always a poor policy, but if you don't have a bookcase like the one of "Beauty and the Beast", you probably don't have a large stock of them. As you plan your readings, you will think of a book beyond your finite collections. is there just not enough quality free space in this lifetime to be able to read them all.

Therefore, select your textbooks carefully! Your book will help you to plan your readings. Of course, this is one of the greatest causes why authors should read: the more (and better) textbooks we are going to be. And, in case you are not yet confident, don't overlook this funny fact: Jonathon Franzen learnt to type by literacy, not by an MBA-programme.

Confident that you need to schedule your book but are not sure where to start? Here is an easy to start out with. This year, select 24 titles to study. You' re a big reader in your field. Writers should know the specifics of their selected genres. The Story Grid creator Shawn Coyne says that every gender has convention and obsession.

Even if you want to do the next Theound and the Fury, you should probably understand the fundamentals of your music. You' re reading far outside your own genres. Who' always wants to do the same reading? When writing children's novels, you are reading classical music. When you' re writing your accounts, you' re reading comics.

You will find a deep source of creativity to draw from by studying a large selection of textbooks. Browse old and new textbooks. It was an old book and a newer book, after I heard this quotation from C.S. Lewis: "It is simple to get entangled in what is warm or in that moment, but we cannot disregard the proven text.

Do not try to open more than a few ledgers at a while. Usually I try to keep it between two and four ledgers, each in a different class (fiction, storytelling, biz, etc.). On some of the occasions I'm in the spirit for a good novel, on others for a good non-fiction work.

Things that I loathe to do. However, my year' s work has become one of my favourite year' s readings. When you make your bibliography and schedule your readings, I pledge that you will be able to enjoy more readings, better readings and above all - you will be a better author. The best moment to begin your study is now.

So, what kind of work are you studying right now? Whose ledgers do you want to read in 2017? Allow fifteen minute to schedule your lecture for the year. Keep in mind to select all kinds of textbooks - in your own style and outside your own genres, old and new, fairy tales and non-fiction. Divide your library in the commentaries below, and let us all help each other create some assassin readings!

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