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Read better write better

If the author chooses the right words to convey his message, writing becomes an art. It exposes you to different writing styles. Begin by using your reading as a basis for better analysis and writing.

Improved memory, concentration and stress

Reading helps you if you are looking for ways to increase your memories and your focus and also to reduce it. Reading's brain-stimulating activity has shown that it slows down deterioration in old age when people have taken part in more intellectually inspiring activity throughout their lives. The words - pronounced and spelled - are the cornerstones through which a child's spirit is growing.

Not only is reading important for a child's oral and mental growth, it also helps them to learn to hear, to learn a new speech and to understand. In addition, literature opens the child's fantasy to discover his or her world," says Dr. Duffy. Dr. Duffy, like Dr. Fish, emphasizes the vigor of reading for kids every day.

It is also an ideal way to end the days as it is relaxing and soothing to the bustling spirit. It is best to turn off the TV and other electronic devices and relax while reading a good textbook, either for your own pleasure or to enhance your child's fantasy.

Writing better demands targeted reading

In order to become a better author, you have to be a frequent reader; anyone who wants to be a good author has already been there. However, without further instruction, a prospective author may feel misplaced as to what kind of reading leads to thoughtful writing. Being someone who could take up reading for a livelihood if it were only well-payed, I think I have a recipe to help you intentionally reading so that you can better use it.

At the same pause, you need to spend reading novels that defy your current body of information while at the same tweaking your subject; you need to look critically at the texture of each storyline and the street card of the storyline; you need to learnt from the way the character is presented in each storyline and the way they evolve or drive the storyline forward.

Dedication to this targeted reading technique is the next best thing to have a one-on-one narrative and composing tutor on your elbows when you are sitting down to work. If you want to be a better novelist, your reading decisions are important. When you want to be an author of young adults' books, you should widely and deeply study this category from all its top-writers.

Take your patience with the stories that will help you better in your favorite genres; you may like sci-fi adventure, but remember that they won't help you to better type if you want to release a non-fiction work! Choose lexicons that broaden your current field of study; when a new lexicons that offers a new angle on a subject you know in detail, don't miss the opportunity to find out more!

Similarly, if there is a gender or subject you don't know about but are very interested in, don't miss the chance to do so. When you are a book worm like me, it is customary to take an whole novel in the range of a week-end and run away on the other side that suffers from what I call a cat caused by bing-reading.

They couldn't put the notebook down, but did you learnt anything from reading it? When reading is your flight, don't spoil it every single times you try to analyse the storyline or the street maps of history by sitting down, but rather begin to take a little reading to do just that.

Maybe you could go back and review your favourite textbook with a discerning look at some of the detail you may have already overlooked. Begin by writing a diary about the things you see when writing others who make their tales exciting and attractive, and when you are sitting down to compose your own novel, let them be your guides.

Remember your favourite textbook and ask yourself why it is your favourite. Chances are it is because there was a letter in this textbook that you found fascinating or relative and your wish to find out what was happening to that letter kept turning those pages. Revisit your Critic Eyes and use them on your reading, not always, but often enough, to teach you about the most catchy figures in the world.

Your best way to keep your reader and they want more is to get a personality to pen, or a whole series of signs that your audience will feel strong about, identifying what each of these signs wants more than anything in the universe, and figuring out how to keep them from getting into the turns of your act over and over again.

I have always loved reading: flight, holidays, lessons, teachers, adventures, mirrors, friends, lives. The people who know me best say they can hardly imagine me without my noses sticking between the pages of a work. However, reading has changed in recent month. As I try to improve my writing, I have realised that my reading habits are a day-to-day teaching of masterly composing, especially when I am reading with a discerning minds.

You are reading because you like it, because reading can only make your lives more rich and fulfilling, but also because your first novel focuses on all this beauty.

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