Best Writing Program for Writers

The best writing program for authors

I am writing this just to help you decide which writing software is best for you. iA Writer's best part is that you can export your markdown and text files....

Writers are spoilt for choice with free writing software and free tools and applications that help them write better. Authors should not be able to see a writing program. The focus should be on writing, not on the operation of the writing program. Each writer works differently, so not every online tool is suitable for every writer.

80 best tools for writers in 2016

Time has long passed for a woman author who bent over her writing table with writing instruments and pencil. Today's authors are not only able to create more easily than ever before, they also have a range of utilities to facilitate the whole creative lifecycle from brainstorming to creating and releasing their own work.

If you are a freelance author, academician or freelance profession, there are a number of things you can do to make your job much simpler. Most of these utilities have several features and can fall into several categories, while others are very similar. It' about choosing the ones that suit you best.

Authors sometimes want a wide range of utilities available when they create their latest works, and sometimes they just want to work. Fortunately, you can do both with the following utilities. In addition to its apparent text editing and formating features, Microsoft Office provides a wide range of options, which include corporate, academia, marketing and creativity documents, diagrams, tables and graphics, picture and multi-media displays, email merge, keypad customizations, and more.

Compile and edit your books with track changes, make an APA document, or make an impactful corporate event. Learn more about Office 365, which includes Microsoft Office 365 World. You can also buy Microsoft Office alone here for $109.99. Page is Apple's response to Microsoft World. Intuitively and artistically conceived to work best with OS X El Capitan, Pages is sold as full-featured (you can, for example, add mathematical equations), divisible and interoperable with other text processing programs.

Just like Pages and Microsoft Office on-line, Google Docs lets you use Google Docs to build great looking worksheets, get multiple template types, use them across multiple machines, collaborate in near-realtime, and more. It' free with your (free) Google Accounts, unlike other applications. The Scrivener is a projectmanagement and text processing in one, which makes it particularly suited for long writing work.

Functions are the organization of research files, a cork board, sketch and script utilities, snapshot of previous releases and compilation for import or printout. NewNovelist includes a wide range of utilities to help you research, build, organize, analyze, check, and publish your novel. Functions included are template, story board, visualizer, chapters organization and verification, print/export functions and analysis.

The Bibisco is a complete novel writing program that has been lovingly designed by bibliophiles to encourage writers to write "beautiful" works. In addition to off-the-shelf engineering like exporting, Bibisco offers you organization utilities that give you an overall view, as well as resourceful creativity to get more deeply involved in your characters, settings, storyline, and other important items.

This is a novice organizing utility that keeps track of your chapter and scene, but offers less creativity than some larger work. As well as script writing instructions and automated editing, Final Draft recently partnered with Save the Cat to build an even more feature-rich suite that can help you build your storyline and build important music.

Developed for writers of novels and screenplays, Storyist gives you an overall view of your writing, follows important aspects such as character and story, organizes your information and provides you with artwork and editing utilities for your script or script. Authors can select between personal and social attitudes and how much they allow them to actively collaborate.

CREAN WITER Pro is a minimalistic text editing tool for those who want to concentrate on writing without distractions. The WriteRoom is a plain bone text publisher that lets you concentrate on your words and nothing else. WriteRoom for OS and Dark Room is a similar text editing application for Windows.

The same well-arranged surroundings allow you to concentrate on your words. OmmWriter's aim is to provide another easy text editing tool in which you can concentrate on your writing in silence. ZenWriter, another text editing software, provides customisable background and background sounds to help you unwind and concentrate on your writing.

Upgraded functions contain a TOC, but the writer acknowledges that there are still some errors, such as the loss of your work when you copy and past from another program. Another easy, easy-to-use text editing tool and one of the most favorite, Q10 has a host of functions that help you concentrate on your writing and achieve your objectives, featuring real-time stats, portability, customisable look, a timers, writing destination percentage, automatic saving and auto-correction.

It transforms the act of writing into a wargame, with rankings, different intensities and a function that deletes your work after just a few seconds of inaction. This is good for those who want to reach a certain number of words within a certain timeframe.

Type the results into your favorite applications, whether you're taking a note, writing a notebook, making a table calculation, or organizing your calender. Functions such as data protection, export capability, interactivity timestamps, videofiles and auto storage. Windows Live Writer is a blogs engine that lets you easily upload your pictures and movies and then view a thumbnail of your blogs as they would appear there.

It' part of Windows Live Essentials, but you can also get it as a separate package and include a wide range of plug-ins for even more creativity. MarkMyWord is a markup writing utility for web authors and offers a wide range of functions, among them interoperability with different markup langauges, the possibility to display a pre-view of your work, highlight markup codes, a customisable user interfaces for maximal convenience and focusing, simple editing and item artwork.

PROTAUGANIZE is a worldwide, award-winning authoring communities on-line. Users can research other authors' work, post new materials, join or start new groups, criticize, work together and advertise for each other. Let's face it: writing is a fun exercise of imagination. Use the following utilities to help you develop, track and organize your own or collaborative work.

Mindbirth42 (pronounced Mindbourse Two) is an on-line brain mappin and brain storming utility that you can use yourself or with others (hence the word game). In addition to creating all types of mindmaps, Mind42 also offers edit, collaborate, publish, print, and exports. On-line. The best viewing experiences are achieved using the latest browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

The Mindmup is an open code on-line mind-mapping utility with cooperation, release and exports functions and the possibility to overhaul. Mindmeister is another cooperative on-line tools for brain mappings, brain storming, and more. Functions included in the solution are: cloudscaping, real-time collaborations, color slideshow presentation, easy to manage projects and meetings, notes, customisation, template, insertion of photos and videos, attachment, upload and download, historical and publication functions.

A further mindmapper, Bubbl. us, helps you with brainstorming, organization and planning. The Scapple is described as a free-form text builder that imitates the mind-mapping application without a hierarchical structure or the need to associate your notices. SimpimpleMind is a mindmap to collect, organize, analyze and divide your thoughts.

It is a text editing tool that also acts as a Wikipedia widget, a place to collect Wikipedia content and to take down records, brain storm, organize and build e-mails and blog posts. These are the following utilities for these periods. is a website that provides a wide range of ways to help writers overcome the various causes of writer's obstruction, such as anxiety, shortage of inspiration or discouragement.

Different prizes for various items (such as Druidawn, a children specific writing game) and various activities such as coaching and coaching. Writer¹s Block Buster, or Writing Toolkit, is a portable application that is useful for all types of authors - novices, veterans, nonfiction and more. Besides help with the mechanical aspects of writing, the tool box not only shows various tools for the development of your fictional history, but also provides advice for editors, journalist, bloggers, and more.

The Writing Prompt Boot Camp gives you two week's worth of a Writer's Digest e-book (plus a few first sentences) to get your stories started and your fantasy flow. This is a funny storyline starter that creates a series of accidental strokes to give you an idea for your game. Utilized by all types of creatives, story starter has created more than 215 trillion stories for this important first line.

This is a website with 346 write requests to get you up and running. In this section you will find only a few utilities to help you collect and organize your ressources and thoughts. Little by little, it gained further functions, such as participation in society, but some of them could ultimately expire due to underutilization.

The functions available differ according to the schedule. It also provides you with the necessary tool for better teamwork. Eliminate disorder, store the page for later, and use it with different utilities and equipment. Antialsocial is a scheduled chromium plugin that allows you to lock down your website's messaging functions such as commentaries, Facebook, Twitter and other symbols.

This is a chromium expansion that allows you to stop the annoying sites that keep you from making headway in your work, especially when you're working on a theses. Essential PIM (PIM means "Personal Information Manager") is an organisation utility with which you can administer your own information such as your own memos, dates, contacts, assignments, e-mails and password.

Includes a multiuser multiplayer version. The benefit is that you can record and review your performance while you end every 25-minute interval. Marinariater is the most versatile and attractive on-line automatic machine that gives you the choice of three timers: the classical Piomodoro technology, a basic cooking machine that allows you to define your own duration, and a user-defined one that allows you to specify and adjust your timings for different destinations and operations.

With Toggl, you can keep an eye on your own schedule, both online and off, organize by customer and project, collaborate with other management software, approve and color-code your reporting, and schedule different chargeable tariffs for different workloads. It is not necessarily an authoring instrument, it will help you to resolve all possible scenarios.

These are some utilities to help you. The APA-Stil is the writing and referential styling used by the APA. You can buy free base tuorials and more extensive product (books, on-line courses) on the offical site, Chicago Manual of Style is a complete styles manual created by the University of Chicago and widely used in the U.S. publisher industry.

This website's on-line resources allow you to look up all types of topics, from grammatical nuances to reference-style. The LanguageTool is an open code correction program for over twenty different language combinations, which includes all different English language editions. WorldWeb is a customisable, easy-to-download glossary and thesaurus plus a vocabulary and phraseback.

You can also get a reference and page listing where you can find the search ed on. Thesaurus. One of many US on-line directories,, makes it easy to switch to and its easy translator-tools. In addition to vocabularies from well-known lexicons, the site offers a synonym database, an alternative section for British-English vocabularies, information on the historical and etymological aspects of the term, samples of contemporary use, and an audiopad.

The Merriam Webster on-line lexicon offers you sound pronunciation, definition, typology of words, application samples and related words and rhymes, first known and more. Ideal for academics writing a thesis. This free glossary gives you simple and convenient use of a wide range of translation management software such as aesaurus, law, political, medical as well as finance glossaries, acraymes, idioms, an encyclopaedia, Wikipedia and the Free Library with hyperlinks to a wide range of on-line materials and publications from various areas.

It has many of the same functions as the other on-line wordbooks, and then some. With Cambridge and Cambridge English you can switch between UK/International English and US English. There is also a grammatical resources, a free translation service, a blogs on English-language topics and development, a daily news item, new articles and wordbook applications.

As with Cambridge Dictionaries Online, Oxford Dictionaries allows you to switch between British/International and US English. There is also a grammatical resources, a synonym, a daily spoken term, a blogs, wordlists, word sources, boards, games, trivia and competitions - all in the name of sharing their love of each other.

With OneLook, you can browse and link your words in a number of different wordbooks. In addition, it shows you how to use wildcard symbols for certain keywords, and has a backward function that allows you to enter the term and get related phrases, some of which are more pertinent than others. offers you a wide range of different topics, from finances and managment to IT and economics, to name but a few. It is potentially useful not only for writers in these areas, but also for writers of literature and screenplays who need to know their work. The RhythmZone lets you insert a phrase and then offers you a full set of rhyme choices.

There are also a link to Shakespeare's play, poetry and other literature, an on-line forums and various lexicons and research resources such as Wikipedia. Vieuwords generates charts around a single words by using different kinds of coloured line to link them to related words and words. You can use the counter to keep an eye on the number of words and symbols in your text, either as you enter it or by cropping and passwing.

Auto-crit analyzes and makes proposals to improve your writing. Specially developed for novels, the various subscriptions provide different conveniences in how many words you can analyze at once and how many functions the pack contains. Finally, the final stage of the procedure is the publication of your work and everything related to it.

As well as providing you with the necessary publication capabilities, the following utilities also provide you with the necessary support for your sales, distribution, marketing and other related activities. The FastPencil is a self-publishing e-learning tool that supports writers through the various phases of creating, releasing and distributing books.

There are several publisher bundles and a market place for freelance experts to rent, from writers and interpreters to design and marketing. Provides an integrated text editing tool to help you create and modify your text. PenFlip allows you to type your text either into your own text editing system or into an on-line transcription system.

Then, you file it for government or personal feedbacks that you refuse or agree to, and eventually post it as an e-book or on the Internet. CALIBER is an open and open resource e-book utility that provides libraries administration, e-book converting, e-book reader synchronization, e-book viewers, e-book editors, on-line libraries accessibility, and newspapers to books conversions.

Childle Direct publishing is a one-stop store for the publication of your e-book. Applicable to a wide range of categories, it allows you to define your permissions and prices, upgrade your books after publication, get promotional and merchandise advice and much more. In order to get euPub to convert your ePDF documents into various e-book file types, include eepub and ePubi.

Up to 20 simultaneous uploads, choose your e-book size and single, thumbnail or zipped-downloads. The Sigil is a basic, easy-to-use open code e-book author and authoring tool that lets you modify and encode e-books into PDFs.

CreatingSpace is Amazon's own paper and e-book web publication platforms. As with Kindle Direct Publishings, the website gives writers a lot of instruction on all aspects of self-publishing, from editing and posting to promotion. Publication fees differ according to your choice; the prices for our services can be found here. The designer Joel Friedlander has created a wide range of self-published puzzles that allow writers to create professional-looking Hardcopies and E-Books.

There are different genre themes in different style, many of which can be used twice (for printed and e-book). To get the best results, use Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word when working with the template. Reedsy's aim as a self-edited self-publishing platform is to take self-publishing to the levels of conventional publication. Reedsy helps writers build, release and commercialize their next best seller and has now developed a full-featured authoring, collaboration, real-time authoring and proof-reading program (coming soon) and pre-export authoring for multiplatform publication.

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