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However, if you are an independent author, blogger or business owner, you can decide which style guide is best suited for your writing. Find the best writing reference in the bestsellers. Atla Obscura: A guide to the hidden wonders of the world. You can find our best selection and offers online, with FREE Click & Collect or UK delivery. Journalists' guide to writing good content / Thought Catalog.

The two best writing aids for non-fiction writers

Most of our customers are not professionals. They are used to writing reviews and other long texts, but writing a non-fiction for a general public demands different skills. If these customers ask us for references on the subject of writing, we suggest these two. William Zinsser's 1976 first publication is a true one.

It has been reworked several time to take into consideration changes in the writing and editing environment, such as the recent expansion of memoirs. Interester himself has authored over a decade of literature and writes for large journals. The On Writing Well is most useful for newer non-fiction authors. The book deals with important issues such as sharpening one's own writing styles, writing a powerful leadership and the risk of focusing on publications while writing.

It also contains fundamental issues of vocabulary and use, which are dealt with in much more detail in other works, such as The Elements of style. It' wrote in a sincere, captivating way and is full of samples to help light up his work. Most of these are related to the writing of journals, but can also be used to write a text.

Interester says, "You learnt to type by writing." That' certainly the case, and this can help. So why should we suggest a textbook about writing literature to our non-fictionists? There are very few ledgers on reworking and editorial, and this is one of the best we have ever seen. Both Browne and King are teaching the author to think like an editorial journalist when they evaluate their own work so that they can type with more sensitivity and refinement.

Every section contains significant wisdoms on how to get closer to these writing techniques and introduces some samples from both edited and unpublished text. They have a good grasp of humor that makes the story vivid and enjoyable. Auto-editing for nonfiction writes is most useful for nonfiction narratives (memoirs, biographies, etc.), but any future nonfiction author can learn from it.

If you need more help than a good old textbook can give you, write us.

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