Best Writing Advice

The best writing advice

Best written advice I've ever received. Best writing tip I've ever gotten "Readers want to go next to you and look over your shoulder." This was such factual, hands-on advice, but my first, sage journalist, Charles Elliott at Knopf, had the unusual ability to write so directly and concretely that it was difficult not to hear what he said. I had started learning how to become a novelist by switching from graduate college (where I only had one readership I wanted to make an impression on myself) to Time Magazines, where I tried to study some fundamental classes on clearness and communications (the readership wants to know what happend in Beirut last weekend, not Pico Iyer's Prosastil).

My dearest and oldest ones gave me a lot of wise advice on how to follow happiness and work with the unconsciousness and dangers of the free-lance writer's world. It' all been good advice, but something I had to study for myself the tough way by doing everything incorrectly. Two and twenty-seven years later, his six-part note provides information on every second phrase I am writing and recalls not to slip into poetical indeterminacy if directness and specificness were so much more welcome for a readership.

To become a novelist means not even to think of being a "writer", but to entrust your most personal experience to the site in a way that makes perfect for an unsatisfied foreigner.

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