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What are the best writers the world has ever seen? He is the best writer of all time. Edit: My initial reply covered writers from across the globe rather than just those who wrote in English, so I have now moved this reply to: And if you've ever wondered about the creative process behind great writing, look no further than Richard Cohen's book How to Write Like Tolstoy: So, last year, I set out to create the best author's journal of all time.

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Ernest once took a pee from his favorite place and pulled it into his own house, with the argument that he had "pissed away" so much of his own cash into the pee that it belonged to him. - In post-war Geneva, he was charged with war crimes involving an incident in which Ernest led a group of French militias against the Nazis.

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It was confused by the shortlist, which is full of half a surprise and big but quiet ommissions (and great images. see: Face Hair). Shall I, for example, for the sake ofthe righteousness of literature, fully respect William Faulkner before reading Flannery O'Connor's "Wise Blood", as he lies fifty-six places ahead of her (first place)?

The great writers do not always get their rights, they are not always immortal. Had we had some of the works - an old Greeks writer whose works have been forgotten or an unreleased Moldovan writer who passed away in the 1970s - the catalogue could look quite different. There may be fewer issues in a listing of the "most important" authors of all times.

When asked to make such a book-listing, I think most folks would think of a revised copy of this book-listing ascribed to Martin Seymour-Smith on Wikipedia, which turns out to be "most powerful books" on Google. But I admit that Hippocrates or Francis Bacon are "more important".

It' more difficult to add my favourites to the record listing. Aside from maybe the face-haired. Do you have "greatest" authors on the mailing lists?

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