Best word Processor for Writing a novel

The best word processor for writing a novel

As Seth Harwood, a writer I admire, said: "I use Scrivener to write my novels and a MacBook. A snapshot of the best word processing programs for authors is shown in the following table. The very first word processor I used in a practical way was AppleWorks. The best word processor you need to focus on your writing. Organize your notes, collect inspiring ideas or even write a book.

Scripter: Better word processing for authors

I was sceptical when I began using Scrivener. And I thought: What can this do that I can't already do in Microsoft Word? I am a real low-cost skateboarder, and the thought of paying $45 for a programme that was essentially the same as a programme I already had seemed stupid.

I will not return to Microsoft Word so soon. I use Scrivener for this: I' ve been researching for a novel for two years. It used to be difficult for me to keep all these thoughts in a single, organised place. I' d scattered a dozen Word files with excerpts on my computer.

It was Scrivener who took it all away. I now have a paper in which I can record all my thoughts, be it images, text excerpts, references to an article or quotations from a novel. That I couldn't have done with Word. I have worked on five books with Scrivener, and I was struck by how much simpler it is to remain organised, especially between sections and sub-chapters.

I asked myself whether I created Word files for each section, and now I say: "No more!" With Scrivener I can keep all my sections apart, but easy to access, which is handy when working on a large one. You can also use Scrivener to set word counting targets for each section.

So, if you need to add five more sections with at least 1,000 words, Scrivener lets you enter any destination and see at a single look how near you are to reaching it. Mm-hmm. I like words to matter targets. Scrivener' s enhanced "compile" function allows you to quickly convert your books into publication-ready PDF files, eBooks such as ePub and eMobi (for Amazon Kindle) that you can directly share with Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes & Noble and even in agent/publisher work.

You can install Scrivener on Macs and PC's. Scrivener is better than Word for authors. When you have trouble writing large files with Word, it's upgradable. Want to learn more about using Scrivener? Are you using Scrivener? Which other word processing programs do you use for your writing?

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