Best word Processor for Creative Writing

The best word processor for creative writing

Overall, Word is a solid candidate for the best book writing software. I' ve been using Open Office for many years. Imagine it like a word processor designed specifically for creative authors. The majority of people write with a word processor that is universal and multifunctional. Which are the best?

Creative writing word processor

In the creative writing world, the writing utensils differ as much as the writers; some work best with pens and papers, while others choose top-quality word-creators. For my part, I wrote my words in Microsoft Word, although I never thought it was the ultimative instrument for this work.

Nowadays, where programmes can be found for every conceivable assignment, there should be a creative writing program of its own, whether for writing a screenplay for the particular piece or for your next novel. I was looking for these resumes and several people showed up, but there is only one I still use today. yWriter is one of those apps and perhaps the most suitable tools for the profession if you want to make a history.

In addition to words, yWriter also helps with other creative writing needs, such as observing the story - and developing characters. You can see in the above screen shot that each project is described by several sections. This chapter is then subdivided into several scenes.

Additional information can be added to both chapters and scenarios as notation, and some information is created dynamically, such as a general view of your personality and city. It has a full-text viewer to record the film. You can easily highlight and annotate your text and more precisely customize your scenery by selecting signs and vantage points, the importance of the scenery, the place, images, and even timing and length.

Notice that the drawing viewpoint is specified per scenery. To add a personality and fill in the detail is quite simple. StoryBoard allows you to display and organize the different sections and their meaning to illuminate the whole story and keep track.

You can assign a brief memo to each sequence, which is sorted according to different aspects. You can quickly move these outlines by dragging and dropping them, changing the order and angle of your storyline. Please be aware that these Storeboards do not take over the whole storyline, but only single sequences.

Some of the other utilities built into yWriter, but the one I like best is Daily Word Count. With this sophisticated utility you can target a word counting target and a specific date to achieve it. Then Word Target keeps track of your current achievements and what you have to do.

When you intend to type, say 800 words each and every one, you can use this key to clear your word count. 2. Hopefully this will be as useful for some of you as it is for me. Please do not hesitate to give your opinions about this programme or possible options in the commentaries below, and do not hesitate to show what you are writing!

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