Best word Processing Software for Writers

The best word processing software for authors

And I thought: What can this do that I can't already do in Microsoft Word? Use the right word processing software to help you become a better writer. Writing! is the choice of the professional writer. I use Writer's Blocks to help me with everything I've done with cards and more, and then just transfer the finished design to my word processor.

Take a look at some of the best word processing programs online that will make your document editing work easier and more convenient and free.

Best-of-breed word processors

If you try to write something, it can certainly be a distraction: So who didn't start doing research for a write job just to find themselves on Facebook or Wikipedia an or two hours later and wonder where the hell was? However, it can also be a great help to writers, from delivering essential utilities that facilitate the bodily processes of typing to helping to organize, motivate and capture great stories before they disappear.

Here we have compiled a listing of the best authoring software, which includes a word processing review and some suggested applications for authors on the go. It' s difficult to conceive of being a novelist without a computer, but there was a period when we had to use a typing machine or even a pens and papers to write down our thoughts.

Thankfully for a time-saving, paper-saving, manual cramp-reducing word processing software! Which is the best software for you? There are several different Microsoft Word selections: World is the grandfather of all, which began in 1983 before most of us even had a computer.

Today, there are many other applications with the same or similar features, but many companies use the entire Microsoft Office suite, including Word, and the Word documents are widely adopted in the editing community. It is also especially good if you need to keep an eye on changes to a paper while working with another author or publisher.

But Word is not good if you have a budget: The LibreOffice Writer: Would you like a fully functioning software without the high cost? This open sourcecode word processing program is also included with a number of other productivities. The LibreOffice software demonstrates that free word processing software can be as good for most uses as Word, and since it is open code, it is more often patching, making it more reliable.

You can still open and generate Word like you do it. It is the best free word processing software on the market for many people. Scripter: When you' re looking for the best novel writer software, Scripter is a good choice because it has a lot of useful functions for those who hope to be able to write the next great author.

There is also a split-screen feature that allows you to look back on what you have written in one pane while you write in the other, so you don't loose your place when you need to access something. You can also print your books to Amazon Kindle Direct for self-publication when you're done.

Each of these functions explains why many scriveners consider Scrivener the best software for authors and are valued at $40 for Windows or $45 for Mac OS. Are you looking for word processing software that you can use from anywhere without any download? You' d be amazed how much you can do with this free Google word processing program.

Easy to use, Google Docs offers most of the features you'd want from any authoring software. Obviously, working on-line can be many diversions that can be a disadvantage, you need to consider how susceptible you are to diversion when considering whether this free word processing software is right for you.

That happens to the best of us: Just have a seat to type, review your emails, look on Twitter, take a second glass of tea, gaze at the flashing pointer for a while..... yes, nothing is being done. Luckily, there are a few word processors that can help you concentrate and get your typing done.

focus writer: A free word processing software that eliminates the distraction from your entire computer by taking over your entire desk and just leaves your desk and a background for you. You can use the Focus Writer to specify the number of words or timescales, and it includes timer for those who work best with a short timeframe. Quiet writer:

It works similar to FocusWriter, but it's actually a free, web-based application and not software that can be downloaded. This does not take over the entire monitor like FocusWriter by default, but this is an optional feature that you can turn on. The Calmly Writer also offers a "dark mode" with text in italics.

OMWRITER: Sharpen your Zen-like perspective with OWRITER, which adopts a reflective stance to hide blur. Do you need serious motivations to either read or live? Word or Word urges you to continue to type by punishing you if you slower or stop typing: Many attendees of NaNoWriMo vow using the best novel authoring software to help them spell 50,000 words a mon.

It is not necessarily written when you are in front of a computer. Sometimes you will find yourself plots new snippets while you are queuing in the grocer' s, or sit in the lunchroom at work while you eat your lunches, or rolled up in your favourite stool in the coffee house.

In these days, your phone can also be an intelligent pen. If you need an application to record your idea before you forgot it, rethink your design or help you focus on your objectives, there is a good chance there is an application for it. TREELLO: If you're the kind of guy who enjoys plotting what you put on notepads or indexes, try this application, which is a kind of cork board.

Make a whiteboard for what you write, make a list of maps and draw maps as needed to organise your idea. Evernote: The queen of all brain storming utilities, Evernote lets you take and organise your own inspiration, take photos, take note of what you find on line, take photos, take note of what you see in your photos and browse it all quickly and simply.

Are you finding that some of your best thoughts come to you while you're riding, taking a shower, or in some other situations where you can't immediately put them down on paper? Recall more of your thoughts by using this free iPhone application to record your thoughts without needing a stylus or even your hand.

Many authors pledge to use Pomodoro technology to remain highly motivating and prolific, and with this free Android application you can try it out. It divides your work into segments and can improve your efficiency and your overall performance. It is a great application to get out at a NaNoWriMo meeting, or just to get more words on the page quicker.

History Tracker is $7. 99, but it is one of the best applications for writers to get flogging their work released.

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