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Best-of-breed word processing software

Then there are some word processing software brands that you can download that don't need any money at all. For example, Google Docs is free word processing software that stores all your documents in the cloud. Both AbiWord and the Apache OpenOffice Suite are also free. This is an open source word alternative with a vibrant community. Text processing software has been available since the early days of computers and provides an excellent way to create, edit and manage digital documents.

Best Microsoft Office Environments

Although Microsoft OOffice is the 800-pound chorilla of enterprise software, it is not the best option for every home or workstation. Other people just want better cooperation and a more collaborative and cloud-ready environment or more powerful desk top editing capabilities than Microsoft office has. No matter what your reasons for throwing away your copy of Microsoft Word, you have several options. While some are more interoperable than others, all of these Microsoft Offices are able to read and write Microsoft Offices files.

For your convenience, we've reviewed the five best Microsoft Office options, from Google's affordable web-based applications to the eye-catching Fremium WPS Office and Corel's expensive but high-performance WordPerfect Office. Google's Aps for Work Suite is our preferred office version because it provides real-time collaborative and synchronization features that defeat Microsoft in its own play.

When you work on a document with other users, you'll enjoy being able to work on the same document at the same moment and watch their words appear when they press the buttons, an ability that Microsoft only provides to some Word 2016 users. While you' re editing your document on-line, your changes are always stored in the clouds and a full audit trail is always available so you shouldn't loose your work.

Googles Apps imports DOCX and PPTX and converts them into apps. You may need to check and modify complex Word and PowerPoint spreadsheets, but most of your spreadsheets should make the leap pretty easy. Spreadsheets are another history. Google's Sheets application is behind Excel and rivals in the racing feature and feature set.

This means that little or nothing is known when it comes to word processors, presentation or the creation of tables. You' ll be living in your web browsers, a different sensation than in a standard Microsoft Outlook environment. While you can store them for off-line editing, your content is on Google's server, not on your computer or in your workspace.

The WPS World' s most sophisticated free Windows PC based Microsoft Windows based Microsoft Windows based Microsoft Windows based Microsoft Windows Office 2016 suite. It looks so much like Microsoft Outlook that sometimes you just forgot what you're using. Better yet, the set includes some useful functions that you won't find in Microsoft Word, such as the option to modify the colour and look of the user interface, and a comfortable "eye protection mode" that turns the wallpaper colour blue to make your visitors' work more comfortable.

Not only does WPS read and write Office data without any problems, it also imports the data you have. We' ve only seen the slightest problems using WPS in Office documents that took no more than a second. In many ways, the ribbon menus look better than those in Microsoft Office.

They' re gonna think Office got some refreshment. When you don't like the ribbon, WPS only needs a click to return the user interfaces to the statically designed menu that some people love so much that they're still connected to Office 2003. The WPS has a free release that allows you to display advertisements when you use some of its enhanced functions such as mail merge or PDF export.

WordPerfect's mentioned tingling grey hair, right? Formerly the unchallenged word processor industry leaders, this software gradually slipped out of focus. WordPerfect has taken a different approach to Microsoft Office by concentrating on the legitimate office and adding some neat functions that Office has not yet produced.

Don't buy WordPerfect if you need to be compatible with Microsoft WordPerfect formats. WordPerfect is for you because you need a work horse that doesn't bother that it looks and behaves differently from the competition-maker. WordPerfect can enhance the productivity of your business by keeping your data in your organization in several ways. Nothing much, because it doesn't take any trouble to behave or just like Microsoft Offic.

There have been so many enhancements that past WordPerfect lovers won't even know it. Office is lagging behind WordPerfect in several respects. WordPerfect has the same industry shares as LibreOffice and OpenOffice. WordPerfect is as pricey as Office, unlike the free open source software option, but it could be a little better.

The OpenOffice brother and sister, separated by a company decision, may gain appeal, but it's a tight game. Upgrades are quicker, it's a little more colourful, and most Linux distribution now contain LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice. The LibreOffice may be better able to deal with some Office files that OpenOffice finds difficult to work with.

That' not a big problem: Even simple and modestly included docs are no issue, and LibreOffice can manage a small percent of complex office data a little better. Office 2003's look continues with a madeover. Here are all the old-fashioned delicacies described in OpenOffice, a little more colourful.

LibreOffice, the other big open source and free software header, seems to be just a little more sophisticated than OpenOffice. Remoting data. It makes it easy to save and access your data on distant service like Google Drive and SharePoint Server. It is a convenient function, along with the function for creating and editing distant data that should convince you to try LibreOffice before OpenOffice.

OpenOffice 4 is one of the two most important free and fully equipped office options. Looks like Microsoft just left an update after Office 2003. The OpenOffice reads and writes Office data as it is. Though not quite as WPS Office compliant, OpenOffice does a good job with most office documents.

It is fully interoperable with Microsoft Excel 2003 - if you've enjoyed this user experience, you'll enjoy OpenOffice. Functions are where you want them to be. This is exactly what free and open source software means: free. OpenOffice Linux releases make it easier for Linux and Windows PC operators to work in the same offices with the same data.

However LibreOffice, his software brother and sister, looks fresh and has a few small upsides.

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