Best website to Publish a Book

The best website for publishing a book

Based on this experience, Guy published his next book, What the Plus! Writing a book without writing a word? Find out how our hybrid ghostwriting process does it all. Self Publishing: Which publication path is best for you? Are indie publishing good or bad for authors?

Top five ways to boost your book online

The Influence Agenda writer Mike Clayton gives some top hints for the on-line advertising of your text. Promoted books are hard to promote nowadays when there are so many publications, so as writers we have to take an increasing part of our own market. First I will describe my five best ways to promote your new work, then I will give you an overview of the benefits you can bring to help you, as well as the utilities and technological support you can use to help you.

If you have your own website, a place on the website of another (e.g. your institution) or none at all, a textbook can often profit from a website that prospective purchasers and users can go to to learn more about your textbook, make a decision and find out more.

This can help to buy (relatively cheaply) your own web link (URL) to lead your reader to your book's website and strengthen its trademark. I placed promotional materials, some materials that I had already pledged in the textbook and more. In case you don't have a website you can contribute, I have some other proposals below.

A lot of newsgroups, specialized interest sites (you should know which ones exist in your topic area) and blogs are looking for new textbooks to check, interviews with writers or good-looking posts they can do. It is not unlike how you would come close to a scientific periodical or periodical, and much simpler than publishing something in an expertly peer-reviewed scientific periodical.

LinkedIn is the main website for online communitywork. And if you haven't already done so, you can sign up and add as much of your personal information as you want - the more, the better. So you can promote your work in three ways: as part of your personal profiles, of course through items you see when your friends look at your homepages and through groups.

LinksedIn groups are often award-winning; rooms where like-minded individuals exchange opinions, ask and reply as well as posting interesting contents. Participate in some groups that are important for your knowledge and the topic of your work. The linked-in publics section of my site shows my works and the article I have posted when you look me up as a member, like this example.

They are not for everyone, but all allow you to write information, thoughts and commentaries that may appeal to an audiences that may also be interested in your work. Just like items and links, they can help to establish your image and your reputation. While you can ask your buddies to like it, it allows the reader to get involved with you about your product without being able to see your family's figures on vacation or your feline doing nice things with a bear.

Regular contact with our readership and interested parties is a convenient, cost-effective (probably free) and efficient way to reach and educate them. Keeping you up to date with a brief newsletters, presenting your upcoming or recent books and informing them about what you may be up to, is a great way to get a word out and keep the stories aired.

This is an example of a newsletters I sent out while advertising The Influence Agenda. Are there any valuable resources to help you advertise your books? Web likes illustration, so make color copies of the charts, illustration and images in your books, images of you and your books, and anything else that is color.

Even better are animated images and it's simple to use a smartphone and free editors to make brief movies of you speaking about your books or providing precious information via them. When you' dabble in avoiding or simply adding to your movie, use the built-in sound recorder on your telephone or computer to make brief podcasts of you speaking about your story or being interrogated by a co-worker or boyfriend.

At the end, you' ll create beautifully sized PDF tips or utilities, charts or artwork that' s built on the contents of your text. If you are a person who loves free presents, you can get them from your website or from your online community. They can create a website for free using blogs such as or Blogger (an outdated WordPress.

com' page for The Influence Agenda before I put it on my own website is at If you want to host video content on line, go to ItTube. This is my You Tube Channel: On it you see an Influence Agenda play list.

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