Best way to Start Writing a novel

The best way to write a novel

Self-publication, with Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc., is a good start. It is not necessary to have a complete overview to get started. That's a good start. Well, good luck to you all.

Sometimes people ask me: "How do I know which story to write right now?

1. Keep your expectations under control

I' m about to start a new novel (The Blue Blazes, comin' in something-something 2013!), and besides, I see the lightning bolt on the sky indicating the upcoming realism rush, which is "National Novel Writing Month", so this seems like a good season for a piece like this, yes?

That'?s the end of the line. To write a work is like a long hike through unknown wildlife. It' s not long before you are feeling lose, disorientated, hungry, willing to give up, lie down, feed on your hand and let the ledger on the floor next to you perish like a belly slug coyot. There will be happiness on some of those sunday.

Part of this work faculty be the writing cognition of you when you dive finished bedraggled simpleton and old Indian substance, single to insight any medium of exchange. Get yourself in shape for some rough times. Seriously, why the hell are you doing this? I' m not just writing a novel, I' m writing this novel. Is the chance to write this thing both geeks you out and scares you to the same extent?

Well, if not, maybe that's not the history you want to make. Sometimes I am asked: "How do I know which history to make right now? "I' ll tell you who hires you. Please enter the textbook that is important to you. Discover why you want to do it - it is very important to discover your own appeal to the character, the history, the themes.

It doesn't matter to me if you are writing a draft (although it will remain an ability you should have someday, someone will ask you for it, and a shortage of intimacy will make you turn in the wind), but for the sake of the cute Holy Fuck, do something to plan yourney.

Look, a novel? Some Relevant Bonus Link: 25 ways to plot, plan, prepare your storyline. It' unbelievably horrible to awake in the midnight or while you' re taking your puppy for a walk, or in the heart of one of your satanical gatherings in the cellar of the Arby's and have a revelation about your upcoming novel, which you will recall, but of course it will slide through one of the many mouseholes in your thoughts.

You' re gonna get it all out and then the idea's gone, babe. Gone. Do something, something with that personality. Brief history. Coincidental section from the script. "But then, after you take it down a few streets, you just have the feeling of'picking up' the one. It' starting to start to empathize with you.

As history and action need a card, so does the scenery - here you are God. Bob, there is a section in your tale book called THE TEETH-BRUSHING HOSTITS OF TREE-ELVES. "You don't want to meet a part of the history where you have the feeling that you are looking for things that you have completely forgotten to determin.

Attempt to construct the universe around history instead of the universe around it. We have to find a way in. The first day of your Romanstravaganza, you don't want to stare at this huge cliff for an hour to find out how the hell you're getting in there.

But by GOSH and by GOLLY I have my beliefs and I am spreading them before you like hot cheeses on a crustini, and those beliefs tell me to have your ending found out before you even begin the tale.

In order to send him a letter. Shit, no! You' ll certainly imagine something better as you type, but that's okay - but what you don't want is to move on to the last part of your tale without having any ideas about how to pack things up. I' m sure at some point I could make a whole new "list of 25" on research, but right now all you need to know is that you have to clear some of it out of the way before you actually suck your meat onto the desk seat to start the work.

There are many little tricky things in a novel: topic, cover, mood, narration, POV and so on. It can be a strange, obscure period to write a novel. However, to learn how to distil your history into a singular phrase is a mighty thing. It' like filling a small ampoule with its strongest essential, and that allows you to find out two things: firstly, what this volume is about, and secondly, what makes it so great?

If someone asks, "What is your story about?", you don't want to stand there for 20 fucking mins. and tell them. Duh. Every single pen. But, more important: find out how much you will be writing about each of these "days". Because if you know that you are going to be writing 1000 words per diem and this is going to be about a 90,000-word novel, boo-yay, looks like the product will take about 90 whole working days to type.

Then you can create alternate schedules - find out how long it will take to create a second design, plunge into your own three-acly squalor and slimy desperation. You tell them you' re gonna be writing that script. Not because you draw such a clear line to the disgrace of failing ("How's the novel going, Dave?

" "It' all right, I've been writing it for sixteen years now and OKAYFFINE I GAVE UP ON IT GO FUCK A THONKEY I'M GO GO TO THROWN MYSELF IN THE PUNCHBOWL KAY THANKS BYE"). More because you need the right kind of person in your world to know that this is an important thing for you.

They have to put up your writing lessons. If you don't come out Friday evening, it's because you're masturbating... I mean, writing. Well, the folks in your whole existence are worth y of knowledge. It' a little "cart before the horse" (or, for a more feminist sataphor, "the Hover Ricscha before the taxi-bot"), to think about publishing before you have even started writing Word One of your literary masterpiece, but take a look: a (rough) way of publishing will help to control the game.

When you know you're publishing yourself, you know you're not tied to any rule (which unfortunately can also mean "the rule to make a text legible", but, you know, don't be that guy). Noting that you will go the conventional way (agent, big publisher) will tell you that you may want to create something more streamlined that is approaching the conventions of music.

Find out how you want to support your novel. Grab this novel's writing inspiration and then take your cardio and all the will power that live in it and shatter the two together in a flavour blast that will taste like GETTING IT THE DUCK DONE. "Piss on this threadbare mood - kneel down, bury your feet, shoot these tender palms in your tough fist and pledge to write this damn thing.

Let's be clear, you actually have to do it. There' comes a point at which you need to stop sketching, exploring, puzzling and sniffing around and playing with your intelligent paintings to put a stylus on keys and put your fingers and pens on keys and start writing this work. For at the end of the daily nothing is as clear as simply walking through the steps and constructing words into words and phrases into tales.

Would you like another delicious dosage of shady writing tips for your face?

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