Best way to Sell Ebooks

The best way to sell ebooks

These authors definitely find new ways! So, how do you go beyond Amazon and sell more eBooks than you ever thought possible? Heo Cart discovered how well she worked to sell her latest bestselling book:.

What is the best way to sell an e-book from my site?

EDIT: I initially adhered to personal usage but I also have been hearing good things about some other eCommerce applications that you may be interested in, so I have added those as well, highlighted with an (*). It is simplest to release and sell it through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing service[1] and then just create a shortcut from your website to the Amazon page.

This has the added advantage that if you have never been on your site you may find your e-book through Amazon and buy it. Fraud: Amazon will take a larger portion of the sale proceeds than basic pay processor like Stripe or Paypal, so you will either have to take the lost or bloat the prize to offset.

A further possibility is to choose Storeify. 2 ] It is a very user-friendly eCommerce shop. Let websites just put a shortcut to their Storeify shop in their site home page and make it look like just another page on your site. Disadvantages: Shoppingify also occupies a larger portion of the selling cost than basic pay processing devices such as Stripe or Paypal, so you either have to take the waste or bloat the cost to make up for it.

You also need work to design your shop if you really want it to look like another page on your website. PriceStashop [6] is free open sourcecode software (FOSS) for the development of eCommerce shops with a lively eCommerce shop that develops free and chargeable topics and plug-ins. Worldpress also has eCommerce plugins[3] and topics, so if you are already on Wordpress, there are available utilities to incorporate eCommerce with.

So if you don't have a website yet, using a Wordpress eCommerce topic is probably the simplest way to create a website with eCommerce capabilities. Disadvantages: Works only with Wordpress web pages. Plug-ins are more complicated to setup and demand more Wordpress knowledge. It can be hard to incorporate eCommerce plug-ins into an already installed website instead of using an eCommerce-themed one.

In addition, you will need a third-party transaction processing engine such as Stripe[4] or PayPal[5] to accept your card or other methods of payments. Some of the things that I've been doing in the past have been a bit of a mess. For example, if I sold an e-book through a customer-specific purchase car or a Shopify store on my website, I would still probably put it up on Amazon just for the chance of getting more sales and providing more than one choice to my buyers.

There are some who are cautious (rightly so) about inputting their billing information on home-rolled billing slips, but they trust Amazon and PayPal more.

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