Best way to self Publish a Book

The best way to self-publish a book

A complete guide to self-publishing a book that isn't bad. Are self-publishing the right thing for you? Be the best book you can write. Rent the best freelance editor you can find. Are you going to print, digital or both?

Stage by Stage Instructions - Part 1

Self-editing does not seem so difficult and some authors will tell you that it is simple. Sure, it's simple for someone who's written 20 and up. However, if you are a newcomer, let me make this very clear so that you are better equipped for what you will get yourself into - it will not be so quick and so simple.

It is almost not possible for most previously unreleased authors to get a bargain with a conventional editor, and even those who have made it are not always satisfied with what they get. To write the script is only a part of it (and you thought it would be difficult!). If you want to do this right and make a good quality publication that matches what would be offered by conventional and business publishing houses, here is the full range of things and service you need:

If you are launching a work in a fiercely contested world, don't forget the amount of paperwork and work involved if you want it to be sold in just a few pieces. If, like me, you are bankrupt, you have to do everything yourself or persuade others to spend their free of charge hours and work, as you cannot employ pros.

It will take a long amount of work and a pretty sharp study period, especially when you're doing it for the first of your newborn. Do you realize that in conventional publishers this mailing lists is maintained by many different divisions and professionals with years of experience in their specialty.

When you do things like designing books and reformatting yourself (which is more than likely if you don't have a home investment for the project), it can be nerve-wracking. That part of the procedure alone can cause you to pull out your frustrated bristles, especially if you are dealing with images or illustration.

At best, they will be wasting a barrel of your precious while you try to sort the wheel from the wheel and find something useful in the rush of contents on would-be writers. Only two self-publication blog posts I am following and can truly endorse (no, these are NOT related links), and even these must be taken with a granule of it.

Things are changing too, and in the on-line environment everything changes very quickly. Not even these fellas were able to give me what I needed - a easy to understand brief and clear instructions on how to get my first volume published little by little. I will help you to give birthing to your first volume, because I don't want you to go through all the traps I've been through.

I create an easy-to-understand handbook for newcomers like myself who want everything described in clear and easily understandable detail. I' m going to publish this on my own blogs, and this is the first entry in the How to Self-Publish a Book (Fast & Easy) show.

I' m giving you everything I've learnt, including editing hints that would have spared me lessons of disappointment if I only knew what I now know, the best free and simple covers making tool, how to convert your low-resolution images to 300 dots per inch for printing, the right and simple way to produce high-quality print-ready PDF files, and so on.

All this can be done without hiring anyone and using free software and MS Word, which you most likely already have on your computer. We are publishing this family of blogs as a work. I ask you for your help, because that needs and I am only a person who has not yet mastered the survival on her.

Accompany me on Patreon or donate for my publication experiences, my blog and writing: The grammar ensures that everything you enter is simple to understand, efficient and error-free.

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