Best text Editor for Writers

The best text editor for authors

The majority of authors I know use Microsoft Word for writing and editing. Unlike most authors, employees in some industries really learn to use the best tools. But the best solution is that FIRST you and your supervisor agree on a workflow. iPad and iPhone (iOS) word processing applications comparison table. Maybe that's why a lot of people do their best.

Top 12 Choices (and what's right for you)

That' s exactly what happens here at The Writers' Academy, which probably says a great deal about the ridiculously large number of applications and softwares designed to help authors do their thing. Seriously, there are literally a hundred different applications. So, in this position, we look at 12 of the most common paying and free typing applications and help you determine which is the best fit for you (and settle/escalate a few arguments).

Below are the applications we've selected as the best available today - but we can also keep you up to date with new monthly applications. To those of you who are too preoccupied (or too lazy) to get our opinion, here is our definitive shortlist of the best applications for authors available today:

The Zoho Writer is a free on-line replacement to Microsoft Word, with a very elegant and user-friendly user friendly user experience. Much more than a basic vocabulary editor, the editors offer a thousand styles to work with. Scrivener at the beginning of a write process and you'll find that you can shut down just about anything else.

It has been developed to guide you through every stage of the writeing-taking, researching and processing your own jot. With Evernote, you can take your own personal memo in a wide range of formats - text, website, extracts, images, speech or more. There' s actually ample 60 megabytes of free per month disk free, if you just take a few clear text memo, but if you exceed the maximum, you can upgrading to the very affordable high-end to get a little more room and functional.

Tap yWriter and your work is split by chapter and scene so you can concentrate on your work. The authors will be particularly interested in the great text processing engine with its legacy and old shool-layouts. When you write footage for a WordPress blogs, you will be happy if you can post there (and on medium) directly from uplysses!

With this Android application, all additional chimes and whistling from other authoring applications are removed to prevent distraction. It also supports Markdown like usysses - so take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with this very practical text file if you are not yet. That means you have the advantage of getting continuous upgrades so that you are alerted when AP editor additions or changes are made.

While this is by no means an exhausting listing of authoring applications, we have tried to provide you with the ones we found most useful here at The Writers' Academy. What is your own write application of your own choosing? Did you use any of those on our lists?

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