Best Story Writing Websites

Best-of-breed story writing websites

This site is great resources for future storytellers. Nonfiction authors also need websites, and that's a good thing. So, you have a weakness for writing. Find story ideas in pictures, phone numbers and journal entries. That means editors want to see the whole story before they accept it for publication.

Award-winning websites: 2008

If you are looking for quotations, advices, market, reviews or simply a place where you can get in touch with other contributors on-line - we have everything under control. We have our yearly list of websites here, so get your computer and get on it. Here is our tenth yearly list of the 101 best websites for contributors. Aka 18Q, this site is created to divide the opinions and experience of featured novelist novelists in a set of 18 issues.

There are four major scholarships, competitions, scholarships and marketplaces that are paying off. In addition, C. Hope Clark's free e-newsletter is a must for all freelancers. Whilst the light colours and overweight styling are harsh on the eye, the information is great for the christian literate looking for assistance and collaboration with other literate people.

There' s affection in the skies - to write romances. The group is for those who are interested in writing or are writing thrillers (including policing, noirs, hard-boiled, etc.). With more than 650 members, it is a must for mystery-makers. In order to be the best, you have to be the best.

The website provides advice on writing better literature, writing better, publishing, promotion and selling your work. Freelance Writing Organization-Int'l has more than 11,000 members (membership is free) and provides tens of thousand of online ressources and jobs. There is also a free post (as long as the post is about writing).

Are you modeling your writing according to Stephen King? When so, the Horror Directors Association is the place for you to get the latest information, hints and information about this area. J.A. Konrath's A Newbie's Guide to Publishing blogs offers great information for new (and experienced) people. Here you will find the latest messages, information and writing hints for children.

Keep up to date on the latest Latin American literature happenings, competitions and writing possibilities by visiting the website of the former Simon & Schuster editorial team. Writers' literature journal offers essays on the ups, downs and stakes of maternity. The site provides a link to many writing options for young people, even those who do so.

The group concentrates on literacy and discussion of mainly Afroamerican literature. Writer's Block section is full of hints. Hi Muslim writer, you want to bookmark this site. This site offers possibilities and novelties for those who are looking for a successful publisher, from writing contests to positions for novelists, editorial staff and newsmen.

Your children's writer provides tens of free essays about designing, writing, working on and releasing your children's text. Joining the Romance Divas for advices on the trade and trade of writing romance, and sharing tales about your own lives and careers with this funny writing group. For all the hot shit, look at this page devoted to erotic writing and writing.

It is a great place for advice and storytelling, but definitely not a play area for the little ones. The site is for e-mail and correspondent courses, but if you do a little digging, you will find some of the best sources for writing and publication. Poetry in Color promotes poet of all colours and promotes high-quality peer-to-peer feedbacks on members' work.

Receive your poetic market, competitions, reports and messages from this free ezine. Urban Muse is packed with great writing, networking and creativity hints. Don't miss the "5 Ways to Prommote Your Blog" mail; a great piece of good reccomand. Young Writers Society provides a place for children and young people to work, talk, blogs and more.

Today's wife has nearly 1,000 members who take part in her forums, on-line reviews and monthly competitions. Aimed specifically at writing communities, this e-zine serves up an interview (and tips) of the best authors. "Bring free writer-related articles, paid call for subordination and free-lance jobs posting, contests, resources, tips and more to help create, enhance and further your writing career-every time period.

Whatever industry you are interested in, Absolute Write has it all. This page allows members to join together in groups to edit their letters. There is also a section devoted to the publication of messages, agent and signatures. Visit Edit Red for review peers, publication advice and ways to encourage your writing and get in touch with editors.

Established in 2000, this site presents free competitions and peer-to-peer review. A rather singular characteristic of the website is the possibility to set up your own competition and invite other authors. The site brings out many different genre of storytelling, among them flashy fictions, humour, poems and even books. Can' t find a write group locally?

Mike and his Writing Workshop is a fellowship of nearly 9,000 authors who are ready to exchange information and criticism about your work. There is also a jobs exchange, a resources centre and an area for writing a game. The beginning of your writing carreer can be nerve-wracking, but you should be comfortable on this site, which has other newcomers.

This is a good goal for novices, from inventive reviewing books and competitions to writing challenges. ROBA's Easily Way to Write is packed with many free-balls for authors in various marketplaces, featuring poetic, flashy and ezine fictions (that pay off). These pages show some of the best advice for romantics.

When you' re not interested in messaging panels, The Web Writing Workshop provides discussion and review directly to your email account. A free on-line writing meeting is difficult to be beaten, and that's exactly what the MuseItUp Club can do. This group recognizes that authors often don't have enough money to go around the countryside to take a week-end of expert counseling to your offices (or wherever your computer is installed).

You have added a Member Workshops Board to debate issues related to them. It focuses strongly on literature, but there are also some poems and non-fiction. It is a writing studio that is always looking for new members, but you have to take the trade seriously. When you make it through the approvals procedure, you have easy entry to criticism panels and bloody writing requests.

Featuring 4,500 registrants, this site provides a platform to debate all sorts of letter. By interviewing and discussing crafts, Writer unboxed dissected writing gender-fiction. We welcome authors of all grades. Register and get a free on-line portfolios, a wide range of custom software and email resources, and the ability to connect with other authors.

Much of Deborah Ng's career is free lance. The site has classified ads so you can find a position near you. Keep up to date and connect with other authors around the world. It is one of the best places for journalists and freelancers.

A Frahlingin at FinePrint Literature Management in New York City, Janet Reid specialises in mystery stories and share traps to help you prevent beginner's errors. Under the slogan "Saving the word, one can sell at a time" Frahlingin Jennifer Jackson communicates messages, comments and views about the sector, among other things a look at her search-request.

Allow Frahlingin Lori Perkins to take you through the New York agents' world. She also has great insights into nightmarish horrors, sci-fi, dark fantasies, obscure literature and eroticism. Covering her entire career as a European writer, Rachelle Gardner's Rants & Ramblings contains the latest information, trend and tips on the publishers' world.

In New York, this wizard of a Frahlingur refuses - and blogging about - 95 per cent of the inquiries that come across her desktop. It' packed with tastes you probably don't know - and can take you to a story concept. National Novel Writing Month (November) urges you to type 50,000 words in 30 working day.

This page will help you if a day is not enough to satisfy your writing aptitude. Grab a chance set of more than 340 million (yes, you're reading that right) decisions. Not only are these day-to-day writing instructions funny, they also refer to the date (September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day - who knew that?).

Here is another funny page that instantly generates prompt to write. It currently offers several features - right-handed, left-handed, children's prompt and is working to include prompt in classical books, more. View Author MBA's over 20 papers to help you write, market and advance your careers.

Catch a free trackers with this data base of more than 2,000 stores for feature films, poems and books. Browse 750 Frahlinguren and 900 publishing houses to find the right one for your job. Are you looking for a way to advertise your work? Howard-Johnson gives you hints on how to get your books out into the wider public at a reasonable price.

You can use this data base to find a writing meeting near you. Joan Stewart, a counselor, gives advice on self-presentation and how to get free advertising - a great way for any author who lives on a small business budge. Kluz's website has provided literary content in the form of hundrets of resources. Write Street is a good place to find suggested textbooks, writing materials and inspiring citations.

"The" What Every Writer Should Know About Copyright" is a great introduction that all authors should do. Immerse yourself in this page to find out what kind of service, competitions, organisations, etc. you are interested in. If you need an agents, this page offers the possibility to load up your inquiry letter and agents experience and to build up a data base with information.

Lloyd L. Rich offers a wide range of useful publications, from trademark fairness to online law, on subjects that are important to the writing group. Anyone of the most remarkable guard dogs for the writing fellowship, Writer Beware sharing information about writing fraud, troubling operatives and publishing houses, and much more. A new feature on the website is a blogs where authors can exchange information in the comment area.

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